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I saw this image & thought it would make for a great discussion to differentiate beauty from our relationships. So, let's discuss. What are your views?

Do you agree or disagree?

personally disagree that you HAVE to. more like you should share with him in terms of normal sharing in a relationship; not in terms of asking for permission or anything like that
Although the ultimate decision is yours, I would discuss it. Hair can be an emotional topic.
I think it's your decision but communicating with your partner about any decision is wise, just to keep that communication going. Once I was told by my then boyfriend that I was not to cut my hair above my shoulders and it made me so mad even though I didn't want to cut it that short. It just got to me so badly...
I'm probably that way bc I had a boyfriend basically force me to get my hair cut super short before....ugh! haha. so my hair is my decision for sure now
no but be warned if it's something crazy or a haircut I don't like on you I will say something. Also I would come up with a nickname for it just in case....
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