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Alright, a friend of mine that I've just recently made briefly mentioned that she just started watching Sassy Go Go on viki. Plus this is her first drama that she decided to watch, so this got me and my other friends into talking since we've already seen it X3 Then we got into talking about the ost songs that were played in the drama and how much we loved them and it gave me an idea of making a card on all my favorite ost songs from kdramas. XD So here they are, and I hope you enjoy them!!
Ok, the first drama I'm going to mention is Sassy Go Go. If you don't already know, it has kpop idols N from VIXX and Eunji from APink. The two songs I that I fell in love with were called Hold on There (the Whistle song), that songs seems to be Eunji's characters theme song. You here it a lot when it involves her contiplating things, or if things are really going to get intense for her between her and the male lead X3 The second song that I fell in love with was Han Byul's "Shooting Star". I love his voice and the song itself, and this song is especially played when something "romantic" happens between Eunji and the male lead (Sorry it's been awhile, so I can't remember his name >~<)
Ok, the next drama I'm going to talk about is KPOP Extreme Survival. This drama was actually the first that got me into watch kdramas, plus I was at first into dramas that involved singing, before I branched out. On this drama, there really isn't much of a song choice, but the song that I fell in love with is called Stand Up. It was sung by a group called M2 Junior in the drama, and it's really catchy and fun to dance to.
Next drama is You're Beautiful. This one I also found and watched, like literally right after Kpop Extreme Survival XD. Both dramas were in Netflix so there XD Anyways, I loved all the group, A.N.JELL did on here. Without Words, both versions sung by Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk. Still (As Ever), the original and the version sung by Lee Hongki, the drummer. Promise done by A.N.JELL, What Should I Do? sung by Jang Geun Suk, and then the ost song My Heart is Cursing sung by Kim Dong Wook. Enjoy!!
Then last but not least, the drama Bromance!!! Wahooo!! Ok, this drama had so much, but made me fall in love with a lot of actors/actoresses in this Taiwanese drama. Especially Bii. Like seriously where has he been in my life, I don't know. BUT he wasn't even the first or the second male lead in this drama. He was just a friend, but I loved him and cared for what happened to him more then the lead couple XD HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN!?! Anyways, this drama introduced me to him and I got into listening to his other songs that he's done. All of them I love. So, the first to songs, Epochal Times (which is the opening for the drama), and Back in Time, sung by Bii, are amazing. Like they sound soft and peaceful, I had the songs on repeat when I downloaded them XD The other 2 songs, I'm Still Missing and Love More, are just songs done by Bii himself. So hopefully you'll love them as much as I have.
Alright that's all of them so far. Until next time, I'll see you guys later X3
@Winx9119 Have you started watching You're Beautiful yet?
I love Back In Time from Bii and I agree that I cared for him more than the main lead. I also really love Hold On There from Sassy Go Go!