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No picture is safe from a screenshot.

Did you know that you can now replay any snap once without having to pay extra $1 or waiting 24 hours? Probably not. Why? Because Snapchat made this slight change of feature to avoid any confrontation with the public because people are going to be furious about the change. Snapchat, the trendy app used for irrelevant pictures and videos ready to expire, documentation of a wild night out, or sexting as the kids are doing nowadays... it's all at risk.
If you were someone who loved to send risqué photos via Snapchat, this change could be drastic as the chance of a screenshot sky rockets. That person you never liked has full ability to get any blackmail they want by simply replaying a snap. They say everything you post on the Internet is forever and this cements that idea.
This is the new message every Snapchat user will receive in regards to replaying a snap. Not only did the replay feature change but users will now also be able to face swap with any photos from their camera roll. The expiring picture app usually makes big announcements when inviting new features into the app but the latest updates have been under the radar. Like the rest of social media, it'll be interesting to see how Snapchat users react.

Do you think the replay feature is positive or negative?

I think the replay button only comes at a risk when people send things they know is inappropriate or private. Plus, I don't have any friends who mean me any harm. So in my opinion, I say snapchat is safe. For those who have fallen victim to the negative side of snapchat, it's not the fault of the company.
I've used the replay button, mostly because I miss whatever is sent to me. I don't even send anything cray-cray, and people don't send me anything cray-cray either lol. So I guess I am okay with replay thing.
Oooh. This could be sketchy!