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Genre: Angst; !Mention of Suicide!
Members; Yoongi/Suga; Reader(You); OC child; Jungkook; Minor appearance of other members.
Part 4/7
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Summary: Was this really all he could do? Was this the some total of his worth?
Aged: 4
He felt something.
Standing at the end of the bed, he felt something, and the little boy staring up at him felt something too. The boy wasn’t sick anymore, thankfully that had passed by his third birthday. However, it wasn’t until his fourth birthday that Yoongi had finally decided to show his face and finally meet him.
His son’s name was Jinseol. He was four and he liked cars. He didn’t have many friends; he was very shy, but he loved music. He still lived four blocks away from him and was confused as to why he was just meeting his father if he lived so close by. Infact, Jinseol walked by the BigHit building everyday on his way to and from school.
And even though he had only known his dad for all of an hour, he loved him more than anything. You had noticed this immediately and it made you angry. Yoongi had wanted nothing to do with him and he finally decides to show his face for two hours after four years and suddenly he was the father of the year? But you kept silent, and let your baby fantasize about how great a man his father was.
It was partially true. Yoongi was a great man, just not a great father.
And you feared Jinseol would see this for himself one day.

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