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Genre: Angst; !Mention of Suicide!
Members; Yoongi/Suga; Reader(You); OC child; Jungkook; Minor appearance of other members.
Part 6/7
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Summary: Was this really all he could do? Was this the some total of his worth?
Aged: 16
This was all he could do anyway.
Yoongi felt his body being shaken violently, but all he could do was laugh, feet tripping over themselves. Jungkook’s tears of frustration spilled over as he tried to shake some sense into the older man, “Hyung, please! Doing this to yourself isn’t going to bring him back!” Yoongi drunkenly swayed, his chuckles catching in his throat as he shoved the maknae back.
The younger man, crashed against the door, the knob striking him in the back. He winced, the overwhelming anger suddenly taking over as he lurched forward, swinging with all his might.
Yoongi’s head whipped back with the punch and he fell against the stairs, breathing heavily. A grin crossing his lips and he jumped forward, briefly wrestling with Jungkook before gaining purchase and shoving him over. As Jungkook looked up only to see Yoongi glaring at him while his hands curled around the back of a chair, he shut his eyes tightly. There was a crash, but he didn’t feel any pain.
Yoongi lay in a crumpled heap on the ground, weeping bitterly as his hands clawed at the ground. “He’s fucking gone!”