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Don't fall prey to the idea that you need to please everyone. YOU DON'T! Nor should you try to. BE YOU! Embrace every nuance of what makes you, you. And then live that way, sharing it with others.
Sure, there will be haters, but there will also be lovers.
You are nobody's doormat. You have value because you are a human being.
Be blessed!
Ohhhh yeah. This is important. When you keep this quote in mind, it's easy for you to keep or let go certain things/people.
i think what it means is be true to yourself. for example I love playing with little kids but whenever one of my friends sees me with one of them she starts giving me a speech how I should let the mom take care of him. Meanwhile I sitting there thinking: it makes me happy to play with him so regardless of what she thinks I'll respect myself enough to keep playing with the little kid. 馃槉
Hahahaha yessss @marshalledgar You definitely feel the burn from that fire
Yeah, glad you like it @Jasminep96 When I read it, I was like WHOA!!!!!!!!!!! OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!
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