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When Solomon had finished the building of the house of The Lord, and the king's house, and all Solomon's desire. There is a measure of moral safety in work. While Solomon was busy he was in less danger of being led away from God. At length, however, his magnificent projects were all completed, and he was ready to enjoy the ease and the fame, which he had earned in his years of wonderful activity. Instead, however, of being a time of security, this was his time of greatest danger. There is peril in popularity. It brings flattery, which ofttimes becomes almost adoration. One who is so honoured does not always remain humble and lowly. Then Solomon’s leisure brought danger. So Solomon was now in a perilous condition. He was not conscious, however, of his danger, and this made it all the worse. Life is full of unsuspected perils, and our safety lies in committing the keeping of our souls to God, who sees every hidden peril. Then, if we would help toward our own security, we must keep hand and heart full of The Master’s work.