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ok recently xiumin from EXO was seen in vietnam and fans were at his hotel when he went on vacation with his family....like really 😀😀😠😠😠 stop litterly stop and back off he needs space like ugh!!! you m*****f*****s stop already give him privacy and really touching him!!!!!! he had no body guards!!!! and really getting him stuck in the restaurant like ugh!!!!!!! asdfghjkl im so mad right now that i cant even express it anymore these sasaeng fans they really need a life! picture when xiumin was at the stairs were when he was stuck at the restaurant when he went out to eat but got stuck because of the freakin sasaeng fans the last two pictures were the sasaeng fans that surrounded his hotel im like fuming mad because they have no respect for him and give him no peace at all but I appreciate how he still smiled at the fans he is just so nice and all he *sigh* my baozi im so sorry this happened to you i hope you are ok and all get home safely oppa hwatting saranghae~πŸ’ͺπŸ™
I'm glad he was okay, but I feel the same anger as you. I would've helped him if was there. Some of these fans are getting out of hand. Seriously
Are you kidding me these fans need to stop. Leave them be
I'm glad he has fans who are they just to see him, but honestly it's a little much when you block them in somewhere and they don't have bodyguard
Agh I know how you feel @taetaebaozi it just frustrates me SOOO MUCH!! πŸ˜’
@Bangtandoll ikr i read it and he was stuck in the restaurant and they said they didn't know if he was going to be able to get out since their was so many people
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