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The first question was: What's your favorite magic power in Fairy Tail and why??


Requip is my favorite magic power, because it is very beautiful and is yet another super strong power in Fairy Tail. I like how it's not over powering (when used by the right person), yet you can take down strong people with this power. I love this power, because it's not a Dragon Slayer power, like most of you love and it's not a power you would see in any of anime!

Another Reason!

Another reason I love this power, because it is willed by my favorite anime character, Erza Scarlet! I don't know why, but it seems like I love when anime have strong characters that aren't all boys and Erza just makes that possible. I love her and oh so wish she was real. I look up to her so much because of how strong she is! And she is perfect for this magic power!
Okay cool!
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