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Fairy Tail Giveaway!!! Post your favorite magic and tag @Thatperson512 @hikaymm @AimeBolanos or me @tylor619cruz to make sure you're entered into the giveaway. The prize choices are behind the first picture above👆🏽 . To enter the contest you have to 1. Be part of the Fairy Tail community The point of this contest is to get more people in the community and hopefully make some new friends! 2. Complete every contest card. Today and all next week there will be cards with questions that you must answer with your own card posted to the Fairy Tail community. They must have the {FTG} label in the title and at least one picture.
Disassembling Magic: The user makes a net-like pattern which runs straight through whatever it touches, tangible or intangible. This magic is used by Gildarts.
Idk how to post a gif so here's a video of his power in action. Pretty sick
celestial magic @aimebolanos
@UzumakiJess this is the original prompt with the rules and stuff!
I meant post your own card on your favorite magic and tag us 😂@rubychan19
@AdamDean the rules and entry requirements. lemme know if you need anything else.
Oh ok
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