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Millionaires by day, Racers by Night

Experience the Elite Racing Group Underground Racing and their plethora of fully built 1500awhp twin turbo Lamborghini's. These guys are strictly business in their attempt to be the "Street Kings". Watch them take on everything from 1000+hp supra's to the fastest hyperbikes in the world. Check out the pictures and video for more!
Love that car
@takashi02 your a busy girl, glad to see you have great taste in cars
@Hash yeah I do. Personally it's a 1990 Nissan GT-R but it's out of my price range. How about yours?
working on it! tough life!
oh..... yea! u??????
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The signs of a bad exhaust; must read
6 signs of a bad exhaust of your car Indeed, an exhaust system of a car is the most underrated part. An exhaust system plays a crucial role; do you know the use of an exhaust system? If not, you must know the use. An exhaust system gathers the cylinder's waste gases and filters out dangerous materials. It also lowers noise levels and then releases the cleaned waste/exhaust gases to an appropriate location of the vehicle far from the passengers. It is foremost since it saves the environment by controlling the emissions that can easily damage the surrounding. You should not put off repairs if the exhaust system has a leak or a malfunctioning part. such parts can be mufflers, exhaust pipes, catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, manifold gaskets, etc. The exhaust system as a whole must be operating successfully. Instead, it will affect your body and the efficiency of your car. A bad exhaust system can potentially result in significant engine problems. And engine repair is very expensive, as a result, you must go for an Exhaust Repair Reading before the situation becomes worse. Knowing about the signs that you will receive when something is wrong with your exhaust system. Remember, every part of the exhaust system must be in good condition. A single part can affect the entire system. So if you get any minor sign of a bad exhaust system, you must look for the garage ASAP. Excessive Engine Noise If your car engine is producing excessive noise, that is one of the most prevalent symptoms of exhaust breakdown you should look out for. A defective exhaust manifold gasket usually results in an exhaust leak that produces a crackling or hammering noise. When you speed the car or give it a cold start, the noise is very loud. # If your car consumes a high amount of fuel A bad mileage is also one of the biggest signs of a bad exhaust system. Frequently, the car's fuel economy would decline as its power and speed decline. The automobile must work harder and consume more gasoline to operate in the exact manner it does without an exhaust issue. You might believe it will be expensive to replace or repair your exhaust, however, if you don't, you'll start using a lot more fuel. # A burning smell is a reason for bad exhaust The heat from the exhaust fumes may cause any plastic items under the hood to burn if your gasket cracks and starts to leak close to any engine wiring. Then, the burning components create a burning odour that may have an engine-like odour. Although you shouldn't wait until you see smoke before getting it looked at properly, it can also discharge a little amount of smoke. To prevent any possibility of harm to yourself or your passengers, get your car examined as soon as you notice any burning smells or smoke. # Power and acceleration reduce The performance of your engine will start to suffer if you have an exhaust issue. If you accelerate, you won't have the same power and won't be able to accelerate as well or rapidly. When you don't fix the exhaust leak, this issue will keep getting worse. # When you get a Gas smell While you're driving, when you start to smell gas inside your car, there may be an exhaust issue. Generally, it results from a defective exhaust pipe or tube that begins to leak. Gas vapours escape in whichever direction they can when that occurs. The vehicle's cabin may serve as such a location occasionally. True, these are only a few indicators that your car's exhaust system needs repair. Take your car to the dealer for an inspection or replacement if any of these symptoms occur or if you have any reason to be worried. # A glance at the engine Light There are a variety of causes for the check engine light to illuminate. While some may be mild, others may be quite dangerous. The most frequent cause for the light to turn on is the exhaust system, particularly the oxygen sensor. When the check engine light illuminates, you should never take chances. So these were the 6 major signs of a bad condition exhaust system. Go and let the mechanic fix the issue when you feel such signs. Apart from that, if you are looking for a centre for MOT check-in reading, go for MOT Reading and ensure your vehicle is ready to run on UK roads.