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I thought of this cute little game and I hope you enjoy!

(Still not over this picture *coughs* Damnn *coughs*)

Which member is your bestfriend?

Which member secretly has a crush on you?

Which member hates you?

Which member compliments you everytime your insecure?

Which member made you cry?

Which member is your boyfriend?

Which member walks you home everyday?

Which member sends you goodnight texts late at night?

Which member ends up your husband for eternity?

How many kids you'll have

Let me know your results!!!

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1. Namjoon (totes see it) 2. Suga (nuh uh... no way. I would die blushing) 3. Jimin *cry* 4. Hobi would compliment anyone. 5. Namjoon (my best friends often make me cry) 6. Kookie... hm. no. I don't date infants. 7. Namjoon. probably why we're besties. 8. Suga ( I should've guessed...) 9. Jimin... so wait... did I get forced into marrying him or something because I'm pretty sure a guy who hates me wouldn't ask me to marry him.... drama... 10. and 2 kids... hopefully they can sing like their dad...
I got jhope for all but one.
Kookie = bff, walks me home erryday Tae = compliments me, bf Jin = secret admirer, made me cry Suga = hates me, sends gn texts, husband for eternity & 0 kids I guess Suga learned to love me, haha Tae and Kookie, so sweet~ Jin did make me cry bc of their MVs No Hobi, Minnie, or RapMon :/
@JeniseRamos thanks I'll give it a try ☺
@MelissaGarza u do know that u screenshot them
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