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Hey hey everyone. In response to the Fairy Tail question of "who has the best magic power", I'm going with my waifu. Lucy Heartfilia! (No she never had this power or anything I just like this picture, it empowers her lol).
Power: Celestial Spirit Magic Lucy has an amazing power that allows her to summon spirits in accordance to zodiac symbols. These are in the form of keys. Although zodiac spirits are typically stronger, Lucy also uses other keys that bring forth spirits unsuitable for combat.
Why is this cool?: It just is lol I mean it would be awesome to never be alone because you'll always have companions by your side. As long as you love them, they will love and protect you. A fair exchange really lol :D. Not to mention each spirit is different and unique with various personalities.
Just in case you're wondering my favorite spirit(s) is either Plue or Gemini.
Love the card! Great explanation and it would be cool to just summon some friends whenever you need them. Lol
Amazing card btw!
Lucy has the best power ever! summoning seletrial spirits is amazing!!
Celestial Magic is a super popular one lol. good card and great images! Loki is my favorite spirit of Lucys he's the most noble I think and his magic is awesome. Him and Horologium. lol he's just funny how he talks for Lucy and gives the supplemental words on the way she's talking lol
Yea dont forget to tag @Thatperson or @Hikaymm, @Tylor619cruz or myself to enter and fully participate in the Giveaway!
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