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Lee has jet lag, just like you from the previous day. You decide to let her rest and grab your book to go read on the patio. Your phone buzzes around lunch time, you glance down thinking it’s a sms notification but it turns out to be a text.
UNK: “Treachery and violence are spears pointed at both ends;”
You sit there a minute confused. Glancing at the number and see that it’s local.
YOU: [HN]?
UNK: Yes. I’m sorry, am I disturbing you? Did you not put the number I gave you into your phone?
YOU: No, no it’s fine, I'm just reading. No, I didn’t want to presume and just add that number.
UNK: Please do, it is my personal cell phone.
YOU: Very well, thank you.
[HN]: Thank you?
YOU: I assume by adding your number that you like talking to me. Like I said last night, it's just rather weird to me.
[HN]: Like I said, I'm boy next door. I thought it was obvious I liked talking to you by inviting you to dinner. I will work on my communication.
You smile, he wants to be your friend. Wow, life is so surreal right now. Oh, you almost forgot!
YOU: BTW.. “they wound those who resort to them worse than their enemies.” Wuthering Heights Is everything okay? That’s not a normal quote.
[HN]: Yes, very good! It will be, just working out a contract issue for an event.
YOU: Good luck with that.
[HN]: Thank you. Reading? Is your friend not around?
YOU: Jet lag, I’m giving her a day of rest. It is beautiful weather, I’m enjoying the patio.
[HN]: It will rain at the drop of a hat, just to warn you.
YOU: Yes, I’ve been caught once already. Good luck with your negotiations.
Lee pokes her head out the sliding glass door, “Who you talking to? Chad?”
You put your phone down and glance up,
“Huh? Oh, no.” You look at your world clock, “It’s early morning at home.”
“Oh yeah,” she yawns as she wanders out to sit down. “Then who?”
“How do you know I was talking to anyone? Maybe I was playing a game.”
She looks over at you and rolls her eyes.
“I may have not seen you in person for the last year but I know you and a ‘game’ doesn’t put that derpy smile on your face.”
“Derpy smile?”
“Spill or I’ll keep us here all day, even past dinner.”
Your turn to roll your eyes,
“Fine, it isn’t a secret. Remember I told you that I was answering quotes from one of those KPOP idols?”
She nods, “Yep and he like started following you back on Instagram or something?”
She suddenly sits up, “No. Is that who you’re texting? Like for real?”
“Yep, for real. He’s a really nice guy; we have a lot in common.”
“You have a boyfriend, Chad, remember him?”
You look over at her like she's as dumb as a bump on a log.
“I’m not likely to forget Chad. And this guy has a girlfriend too, we aren’t looking for an affair or anything like that – geesh woman, mind out of the gutter! We just have stuff in common, so we’re becoming friends.”
“Friends? Sweety, guys and girls can’t be ‘friends’.”
You shake your head at her;
“Maybe YOU can’t but I’ve always had guy friends and nothing ‘hinkey’ ever goes on. We are from two different cultures Lee, opposite sides of the world; if you want, call us ‘quote buddies’.”
She snorts, “Keep deluding yourself; I’m going to go get dressed.”
I am not deluding myself you tell yourself as you watch her walk back into the room. You’ve had good looking male friends before, Chad knows all about them because you tell Chad everything.
Have you told Chad about dinner last night? You failed to mention that to Lee just now also. The small voice in your head is demanding answers. I’m not keeping it from Chad! or Lee! You tell yourself you just haven’t spoken to Chad since then; he’ll find out about it when he calls.
You smack yourself in the head with your book, now you’re arguing with yourself; geez.
Chad is great, I just haven't told him about NichKhun because it's just a fun surreal moment of me getting to meet my favorite idol. Yep that's it... (Oops, NichKhun told Rap Mon to get lost, I've allowed it since he works better here anyways and I he is my English speaking bias)
But I don't wanna tell Chad 😩
so this is like dream come true?! ..hehe.
I had a Chad so now. I'm bias toward how sensitive be maybe. but this is just fun, getting to know an idol, who is also in a relationship.. I know the title is 'Forbidden' but let's ignore the unforeseen circumstances that title might imply and think this a once in a lifetime chance to meet someone so out of reach on a normal bases and seize the frickin day
Hmm...ok I'm talking to myself and smacking my head with a book?! Trying to convince myself I see! 😏 lol
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