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Jungkook would be a cute squishy bestfriend lol
Aww Hoseok got a lil crush on me lol
ok Yoongi hating on me like that
Taehyung is so sweet =^.^=
Wow hating on me & now making me cry ok
My secret crush ends up being my boyfriend, that's cute.♡
How kind of Jimin to walk me home everyday :)
Namjoon always telling me to get some rest bc I watch YouTube too much lol
Now how you gonna tell me the person who hates me and makes me cry ends up being my husband for eternity like what? lmao
I guess I'll have no kids :|
@MirandaStephens I'm not to sure it could have been on @/MrsJungHoseok but I can't remember sorry
aw this seems almost perfect to they seem like they will be like with girls! most will be so sweet which i think they would be for sure. where did you get this game?