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Hola~ So Dino won the last vote for Seventeen so here is his card! Enjoyy XD (Credit to owners!)

Missed the other members?
Missed the other bands? (BTS, EXO, Monsta X, Apink, GOT7, and IKON)
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Don't forget to vote for which member you would like to see next! (Woozi, Hoshi, Vernon, Jisoo, S. Coups, The8, and Dino can't be voted for anymore!)

Also, if you would like to be added to this taglist let me know as I would love to add you! Love you fam~
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Tag me please... DK or JISOO
@DestinyMcCauley Jisoo already has a card
Oh ok thanks @MaggieHolm 😊
@DestinyMcCauley you're welcome!
Omo, I'm crying, Dino is like, my age but he looks so good and innocent...except for the gif 5/8 on the last set, DINO YOU STOP THAT! The smile when he copies the other dudes smile and it's super creepy