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This is my second results and I'm kinda happy about it lol. So without further adieu, here's my results for bts! Thanks @MrsJungHoseok for this heart aching confusion. http://www.vingle.net/posts/1547167?shsrc=v @MrsBangYongguk @ninjamidori @Gummybears123 @DianaRocha @anarose @MarrickeJ33 @SindyHernandez @Kpossible4250 @VIPFreak2NE1 @kpopandkimchi @ReynadeKpop @AmberFranco @AmbieB @JaxomB @JohnEvans @PrincessUnicorn @MrsChanyeol @CallMeMsDragon @gabbycheese23 @natalyunni017 @VeronicaArtino @StephyBAP @tinafalcon22 @DinaEXO @UnnieCakesAli @VKookie47 @mrsjeon @jeonjungkook8 @jeoneljay @twistedexo @belinda1021 @KoreanDramaMaMa @lizochoa @ILikeHisFace123 @yaya12 @leelee12 @Sailynn @shellyfuentes70 @Allyson3333 @Defy24601 @JaiiPanda @faith92 @KatMejia @PrettieeEmm @KaeliShearer @may99 @Jinislife @MSSM1 @KwonOfAKind @IcelMartinez @SarangRavi @nathalyalamo298 @JiyongLeo@TaehyungKey @BTS282236 @BTSARMYGIRL @FrancescaV95BTS @MauriciaVilla @TracyLynnn @AndyPena @BangsterLife @KiinLyr @IGot7Forever @lesliecamacho52 @SerenityThao @disorono @FalseLove @kekers96 @justcallmekyki @bigbang2NE1exo @StefaniTre @Journ505 @KpopIsLife16 @ParkHwaYoung @funnelcakeboo @RihannaTiaMay @KpopKathy @AlexisRiver @PatriciaS @SunshineChang @btsgotshinee @SashaLove @SusiBosshammer @BBxGD @SaiT @chinabarrier16 @JeniseRamos @CamrynCherry @KassieXiong @EsmeraldaCherry @DestinyXiong @jellybeanlov3 @vaish28 @tinathellama @MelissaGarza @jazien @christianliu @OliviaZenger @MichelleMonroe @ShengVang @EniorehFrancois @SaiT @Kyokeo @KeziahWright @KiinLyr @ammagrande @oanh99 @Helixx @jyesung72 @lucinda @YunBao @Ivonvons @AyameTenhcu @Ercurrent @LexiMintkgtopy @KaitynHewitt @faith92 @AbbyRoscoe @Bitterlimelight @merryjane13 @SugaMint @SugalessJams @lopleaf19 @tiffany1922 @RandomName @MariaMontoya1 @VixenViVi @IMNII @MrsChoiJungHong @Jinnyrod3 @Lizzeh @LizzyRubyCiss @eunjungt21 @HayleyYates @HayleyEastman @Alyessiazavala @reyestiny93 @93yogurt @yeseniaF @luna1171 @VatcheeAfandi99 @RavenTorres @SunshineChang @DeeInGee @BetseyBleau @TorinaTito @dalijiyong @CuteBabyLay @CrystalGuerra @milcalopez963 @LisetteZapata @ShannonXiongg @MaritessSison @RedChord @thedopeshow1994 @KristinaCaron @hyunsaeng638 @MissT615 @tinathellama @Alyessiazavala @morhilge1441 @kandle799 @NEOisRealo @Badtz @selfishmachines @IDK2018 @AbbyRoscoe @drummergirl691 @MariaMontoya1 @milcalopez963 @EWillsea @Kpossible4250 @SerenityThao @BrendaPham @MonkeyLee08 @BrookeLane05 @resavalencia @CheyenneJessee @cutiepandacat @CreeTheOtaku @SofiaFiFi @imiebegay14 @xroyalreisx @MidnightMadness @Nikolmaii @resavalencia @Izzy987 @BridgetJara @DeyaniraEstrada @SaraHanna @aliendestina @DeathsAngel @jimin21abs @shelby101 @ErenYaegar1 @hopekookie @hyunsaeng638 @MichelleRosa @JuanitaBooRiv @SashaLove @LizzyRubyCiss @JewelsLouise1 @lollmbetter09
Y'know when I started this game I misread that as boyfriend and got waaaaaay to happy. But at least we can cook together. BUT HELL IF IM CLEANING AFTER. NOPE. I PETITION FOR JIMIN ON CLEANING DUTY!
D'awwwwwwwww that's adorable. Look at his dimple smile as he holds the books. D'awwwwwwwww it's like he's saying "hey ready for brain monster?" while I cry silently in the corner of the library cause I'm not ready to go back to school. Wut
I mean... Ok... Why does this little fluff ball think it's ok to hate me? If it's about the G-dragon hat I bought then he can fight me to the death. He has five dollars to spare. Little sh-
I'm not surprised. I could totally see him just dramatically drop at my side, sling his arm around my shoulders and just call me beautiful all day. Though I wouldn't take him seriously with his serious man crush on jungkook. Just sayin'
It's on. We're the best couple in the world. Kicking your butt in Mario Kart while trying to beat each other at the same time since 2016
Mama Jin walking another duckling home after a long day at school. Complaining about teachers and school rules while trying to eat her sorrows away. Hey... A big girl needs food too yo.
Ok so we handled the GD hat situation and I ended up getting like three more hates and a T-shirt. So I guess I win HAHAHAHA! Those good night texts are most likely puns. Cause why not?
This question and the beginning question messed me up so hard I just sat there for a solid five minutes wondering what the hell I missed. But I mean ok. All I ask is that he cleans and does SOMETHING around the house. I aint yo slave boi
I feel so bad because I hate kids, and I NEVER want to get pregnant. Not even if it was my ub. I never want to get pregnant.
Well I hope you guys enjoyed my result. I enjoyed the game and would love to participate in another gif game soon!
@EmmaJolie Lol yeah I'm going to adopt. It feels right to adopt a child.
I can't stop staring at jimins ass on the cartoon .. XD
@AnnaArai Just having a child doesn't mean your a real woman either. I'm sticking to my story. Call me ignorant and what not, but I have the decency to try and correct my hate. But OK. Whatever you say "real women"
@XionHeart your ignorant you say you not patient and hate kids? yet you want to adopt you are a contradiction and your acting immature,all I said all in all is that you saying you hate children and then contradicting yourself and saying I want to adopt and then make a excuse saying your not patient,get your story straight and stick to it just because you have vagina dosnt mean your a real women
@AnnaArai One: Just because you didn't put those words into a sentence, doesn't mean you didn't mean it like that. I'm sorry that happened to you. That's the exact reason for me wanting to adopt. Yes. I fully agree that having a child AROUND will help with being patient. Two: Any excuse is an excuse. What am I suppose to say if it's the truth? Just give up and say I have no reason to hate a kid? Not everyone is compassionate. Three: Yes hate is a strong word but it's the one that came out because it's the one that flashed in my mind first. So sue me for using a word that's in my vocabulary. But that's how I am. I speak what's on my mind. Four: That's completely wrong to give up the argument if I was a man. Having and raising a child is a two way street. If you hate the women saying she hates children, then give the fair share to the man. Five: I act like a women in my eyes. Because I am myself and I act the way I act. Hate it? Sorry not sorry. Not changing. It's just a personal opinion anyway. In all honesty if you didn't state that we are too young to understand and that real women are made from having a child, this whole argument would have been avoided.
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