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Smut Angst Cursing Rate M ReaderxLeo Caution when entering Extra Smut a head detail requested by @CallMeMsDragon Hope you like it!!! enjoy

Word meaning

Jagiya means: Love, sweet, honey, darling
Leo grab you by your arm and toss you onto the couch, as he walked over to you. you tried to escape but before you could even stand up from the couch Leo pins you down. he Lean in towards you and whisper into your ear. "isn't this what you've always wanted?"Leo say aggressively, he slowly Leans in closer into your neck and brushed his soft moist lips against your neck, causing shivers down your spine. he slowly pulls away as he meets your glaze, your eyes filled both with fear and desire. "You sicken me" you grunt, Leo smirks and forcefully kisses you. the kiss was sloppy and messy. you tried to not kiss back but as you felt Leo's soft hands caresse your cheek as the other hand slowly slide up your legs you lips began to slowly part, giving Leo tongue access to enter. "mmm No mmm stop it!" you growled as you try to shove Leo off but he was to strong for you to push away. your body flinched as you felt Leo's members poke your thigh. you inhale sharply as he flicked your marble(clit). Leo rubbed it with his index finger, first in circulation then up and down. you hitched as you covered your mouth with hands trying to hold by your moans. "do you want me stop Jagiya?" Leo whisper seductively. Leo eyes glazed into yours, his eyes fired up with lust and hunger. you frowned as you looked away from him. you didn't want to fall for that look again, you won't give in this time you. swear to yourself the last time you had sex with Leo that no matter how much he tried you won't give in, no matter what. he isn't sweet at all you thought he was because of that time you were crying because your ex left you for some famous singer. Leo went over to you and patted your back and said comforting words. just to find out later on he got you drunk and seduce you. Ever since that night he treated you coldly and harshly. even when you tried to help him out with his outfit. since you are in charge of VIXX clothing and accessories. but Leo was making it harder on you, always trashing your opinion, making your job harder day by day. But today was the last straw, you weren't going to take his bull shit anymore especially after you work so hard on their outfit for him to just trash it and throw it to the ground and step on it like its nothing. you grab the clothing from the floor and shoved them to Leo. you glared at him with so much anger and hatred. "I've had enough of your bull shit Leo, I work to damn hard on these outfit for your comeback MV and your just going to stump on them like there nothing! I stay up 3 whole nights making these!" you shouted your voice cracked. you were getting sick from staying up and not eating properly. Leo stared blankly at you, not giving one fuck he toss the clothing to the seats beside him. you grab him by his collar and pulled him close. "Why are you treating me so coldly what have I done to you?!" you barked. Leo look at you, he seems upset and hurt. you let go your grip and moved away. "whatever" you huffed, suddenly you feel Leo hand grab your arm. he pins you up against the dressing door and stare you down. you weren't should what to do but try to wiggle your way out but Leo grip was to strong for you to break lose. "You think its easy for me" Leo said his eyes looked sadden. "What are you talking about?"you question him. Leo huffed and raked his hair back as he grunted annoyed, stumping his foot on the ground. "having all these feelings for you and still having to hold back, I bet you think that night when you got drunk I was the one who got you wasted when in fact you where the one drinking one beer after another!" Leo explained to you, you were shocked. "but you took advantage of me!" you shouted. "your the one who made a move in tried to shove you off but you cried and call yourself ugly," Leo shouted back "your lying!" "it hurt to find out you where gone the next morning to you it might have been a mistake but to me it was the best night of my life" Leo eyes water up. "your such a liar!" you huffed. Leo cringed his teeth as he slam his hand against the door. "find that what you see me as then I'll be a fucking ass hole." Leo grab your arm and toss you onto the couch he claimed on top and slide his hand up your legs as you kissed you messingly. you tried to shove him off but there was no escape You began to fall for his tricks his moves the way his hand massaged your delicate spot. you huffed as your breathing became harder. Leo ripped off your shirt and bra and began to suck on your breast, nibbling on your nipple. you groan as his grind his member against your pussy. "let me make you feel like nothing ever before I promise this time I'll treat you better" and just like that you gave in. Leo took off his shirt and tossed it aside he undid his pants and pulled them down to his knees along with his boxers. he pushed your legs open and forcefully held them wide as he shoved his member in. you tried to fight him off, pushing him but Leo thrust in deep, his member hitting your wall. you yelped as he grunted with satisfaction. "You bitch" your growled as you grip his hair. "don't act like you don't like it" Leo commented, pounding the living helling out of you, he member fit perfectly inside of you. "uh, your tight" Leo groan, your walls were gripping on to his members, you could feel his member harder even more inside of you every time he pulled out a bit and ram back in. you took the chance when Leo let his guard down and shoved him off. you stood up but feel back to ground as your knees buckled and trembled. Leo smirk as he stay sitting on the sofa. you looked at his hard juice members, you couldn't resist it anymore. you took him in deep throating him. Leo arched forward he didn't expect his from you. he grab a fist full of your hair and guide your hand pushing it down deeper then pulling it back. you moaned and hummed he Dick felt so good in your mouth. Leo release his juice inside of your mouth and watch it dripped from your mouth. you grab Leo by his hair and stuck your tongue into his mouth. your tongue wrestled. you Sattle on top of Leo and began to ride him like a horse. Leo grab you by your hips and made you bounce up and down. you felt your breast bouncing up and down. Leo grab them and suck on them. "UH FUCK LEO MORE SHIT" you growled "uh (Y/N) shit, it feels so good inside of you" Leo groaned, "I can't hold back" Leo left you up and bend you over spreading your legs and rammed his member in. he pulled you close his chest against your back as he grab you by your jaw and said "look at yourself Jagiya do you like how you look getting fucked" Leo purred into your ear as he forcefully made you look into the mirror. but you know he was right it looks hot as fuck. "mmm,uh fuck hard Leo fuck motherfucker fuck me harder! Ah" your moaned and growled as Leo slammed his member inside of you. the sound of your moans filled the room and the way your skin smack against each other, your bodies drenched in sweat. the smell of sex was in the air and hot breath fogged up the mirror. this was one steamy sex, you could hear the wetness every time Leo thrust in. "LEO FUCK JESUS CHRIST I'M CUMMING!" you yelped! Leo slowed down teasingly "beg for it " he demanded "Please don't stop more please fuck me" you pleaded as you rubbed up against him. Leo flip you over on your back leaning you against the dresser mirror. he slip the tip in only. "beg for it again and call me oppa" Leo whisper sexily. your grunted "o-oppa please fuck me oppa"you pleaded cutely. Leo eyes widen, he shoved it in deep causing your body to jolt he pulled you in close wrapping his arms around you and lefting you up as you wrapped your legs around him and your arms around his neck as he thrust it in and you rolled your hips. cause you both to find the perfect spot. you both began to loose your pace and rhythm as you reach your climax you let out on last moan in unison. you both drop to the ground, breathing rapidly and heavily. soaked in each other sweat. "I hate you " you pout. "I hate you too" Leo chuckles and lean in and kiss you on the forehead. suddenly you hear foot steps coming, you both rush to get dressed Leo sit on the couch and acts like nothing happens as you fits the dresser. Ravi and N walked into the room and notice you and Leo. "there you guys are we were wondering were you where," N said. Leo shrug his shoulders and stay looking at his nails. you grin a little. you look over to Ravi to find him staring at you with one brow arched. "What?" you asked Ravi. "anyways let's go to our next interview" N said as he grab his bag and turn away closing the door behind him and Ravi. you both sighed heavily, Leo looks at you as you both start to laugh. suddenly the door opens again. "By the way it stink like sweat and sex Crack a window, would ya." Ravi smirk at you and gives Leo a thumbs up than leaves again. "Aish " you cover your face in embarrassment Leo walks over to and hugs you while laughing. you never expected to be in love with Leo or anything like this to happen but maybe it was just meant to happen. Leo lift your head up and kissed you passionate. "don't ever leave my side okay (Y/N)" Leo whisper sweetly, embracing you in his arm. "I'll never leave" you snuggled up against. Leo shove off, you look shocked. "hold me hand" Leo order you handing you his hand to grab. you shyly smile and do as said. Leo pats you and walks with you to the van. you were happy as you blushed, this was a unexpected love and you wouldn't want it any other way.... The end hope it was good, got distracted a lot lol while doing it xD
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