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Okay listen up everyone!

I have fallen in love with another boy band! I have a new crush. I told myself not to listen to them or don't pay any attention to them but that didn't last long ㅋㅋㅋ. I had gotten curious from everyone talking about how they love and stan them, so I had to check them out! It was love at first sight bruh ♡♡ They are an amazing group! The vocalists and rappers touch my heartu!! They have wonderful voices. Their dancing skills are no joke! Their fashion sense is a bit weird but unique, I likeu! They have this unique energy that I feel from them. They are one of a kind and I know they are going to be very popular! They are soooo good looking omg!! ♡♡ To be rookies, man they are 100% perfect! Can you guess which kpop boy group I'm talking about?? :) First think about it before you move on!! :D GUESS GUESS GUESS! xD ㅋㅋ


If you guessed NCT | NCT-U, you are correct!! ughh ♡♡♡♡ Lol. I'm currently trying to learn some of their names my heart! NCT= Perfection! ♡♡
Um first I watched their 1st music video "The 7th Sense" When the beat first dropped in the beginning , I fell in love with this song and with them! I was like dayum son where ya find this?! lol but This song is Dope af! They are so awesome xD I love the dance, it is lit man! I want to learn it but I know it's not that easy lol. But anyway this song slayys!
Their song "Without You" is beyond amazing and beautiful! ♡♡ Every time I listen to it, It gives me goosebumps and chills through out my body. My feels are so high in the sky! It always touches my heartu and I be feeling some type of way! OKAY! so I feel this deep and meaningful connection with NCT. They are very different from other kpop boy groups. They stand out. But anyway this song is like my love for chocolate cake ♡ I also love the Chinese version! it's even more sweet and loving! :)
At first I couldn't pick a bias because well.. all of them are very good looking! But now I have made up my mind :) The first one that caught my eye is Taeyong! ♡♡ jesus this boy is so FINE!! He's killing me xD I love his silver hair and his rapping!
Then there is Jaehyun! So handsome ♡♡ People is saying when he sings, he sounds like Baekhyun oppa :) he kinda do though.
BUT then there's Taeil! my god he is so cute and fluffy I'M GONNA DIE XD ♡♡ I definitely love seeing him sing 'Without You'. He looks like a beautiful angel :) He kinda looks like SHINEE's Taemin too haha ♡
Well.. I heard there are supposed to be 40 members right? damn.. that means many more bias wreckers to come and kill me xD But I'm so looking forward to NCT!! I need more! ㅋㅋ . Their songs are very addicting, I can't stop listening to them. Any new fans here? Do you have a bias in NCT? If so, who? :) Tell me what you think of them. *Pictures, videos, & Gifs does not belong to me, creds to the rightful owners.*
I told myself that I wouldn't get into them because I can't trust sm but I gave in and watched both mvs last week and I've fallen in love with them. Mark and taeyong were the first two to catch my eye because I was already familiar with them from their predebut era but then I watched Jaehyun sing a whole new world on Mickey Mouse club and he is now my bias.
Doyoung is a bias wrecker xD @erinee
I swore I wouldn't get into them because but the music was too good so I HAD to. Taeyong did catch my eye first but I'm more interested in learning more about WinWin, Doyoung, and Ten.