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Have you all heard this song?
What do you all think about it?
Why do I feel as if this song and MV is really deep?
Am I the only one lol
I think in this they are talking about the fans in a way , how they might be like a toy to us and they are the only ones we need
I actually don't know the real meaning behind this MV or song it seems as if its referring to their fans, and them being as toys to their fans which has its both sides negative and positive that's just my thoughts
I wanna know yours
what do you all think about this song ?
Share your thoughts
Lets discuss please.! :)
I included the english subs just incase if you all are curious as mee
and omgee the lyrics are even deeper it can be about relationship and love to but I just think there are time when idols feel like that from their fans
what do u guys think ?
LOL i am going to bed good night all :).
i will check your comments tomorrow thanks a lot. :) <3
tagging all my collection followers
let me know if you guys would like to be added or removed in upcoming happy weekend all :).
@kpop2001 @candymonster30 @twistedPuppy @katiems thanks so muchhhhhhh i completely Love this song its one of my favorite block b song i always end up going back to it nd hearing it over and over again β€β€πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜šπŸ‘πŸ‘ love block b always.
@katiems omg me too
this song has a sad meaning so no it not for the fans it's more of a relationship that you feel like your only being used but you love the person so much your unaware of it and or willing to accepted it if that means they'll never leave your side
i never even bothered to listen to block b before and im glad i finally did thanks to you πŸ˜™
thanks for mentioning me
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