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I just got home so I'm a little late making this, but it's time to make my card about my Favorite Magic in Fairy Tail for the Fairy Tail Giveaway thanks to our awesome mod @Thatperson512 !!!
Disclaimer: I haven't seen the full series yet or read all the manga (working on it!!! steadily!!) so I might change this in the future :D

And my favorite power is.....CELESTIAL SPIRIT MAGIC!

It was a close race between this and Canan's card powers, though (is there a name for her kind of magic?? Is it just Card Magic??)

Why do I love it?

Well, for as long as I've watched anime & played RPGs, I've always liked summoning magic best of all. This really started for me when I played Final Fantasy 7 (summoning Shiva and Ifirit was bomb!) and so I really LOVED seeing a take on this in Fairy Tail!!!!


It's fun to meet so many different powerful celestial spirits though this! The spirits (especiallyyyyy Loki) are some of my favorite characters, and I can't wait to meet those that I haven't yet!!

And that's it! :D

I like all the Dragon Slayer magic. But my favorite will have to be the Celestial Spirit magic, and my fav regular key is Plu but my fav golden key is Aquarius.
@IvanDiaz memory make magic I do believe and @hikaymm it's called magic card so yeah card magic lol
Crash and disassembly magic is the best. you just wreck everything
It's really funny that plu from rave master is a celestial spirit
Mine is memory molding magic I think it's called ? Rufus from saber tooth uses it