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Yeah...haven't been able to keep up with my Throw backs, so today I was reminded of Fall backs! And thanks to @NasiaWright, we have a wonderful Fall Back Friday for everyone! Totally meant to post this last night but I fell asleep. lol
OK, So....since Prince, another living legend passed away April 21, 2016, I am making a tribute to him. He is an amazing artist whom was somewhat over looked in the 80's and 90's and finally seen in the early 2000's when gender benders were finally a thing. Prince was an original Gender bender next to Elton John and Madonna. Purple Rain will never be forgotten....
Song EunKwang: Just as Long as We're Together (1978): He's a very hard working leader, he loves to joke and play around but always takes his job seriously when it's time to get serious you know he's very caring and looks out for one another oh and he loves pleasing the fans and his vocals are on point
Lee MinHyuk: When Dove's Cry (1984) - He's the oldest in the group he's very mature but he sometimes can get crazy also he's the lead rapper in the group but also has a angeletic voice that just melts you
Lee Changsub: When You Were Mine (1980) - He basically lightens up the members of when there going through tough times and stuff
Lim Hyunsik: "I Wish U Heaven" (1988) - is the fourth oldest and he's very soft spoken and has a cute I smile also he likes to listen to oldies a lot and he also likes producing music ,...he nice and his voice is amazing
Party Like it's 1999! (1982): Shin Peniel - born in Chicago he raps in the group the members say he's as quite like wall he's nice and playful he's kind of similar to Leo from vixx which is funny because vixx and BTOB are close
GOLD (1995): Jung IlHoon - very wild ,caring, conceited at times. adorable and can be a flirt. He's the main rapper in the group. He's always producing sound tracks. Overall he's an awesome guy he'll be there for you when you need him.
Kiss (1986): Yook Sungjae - the maeknae and lead vocalist of the group he's so sweet to others and loves putting a smile on people's faces and he acts the most out of everyone else in the group and he's also very cheerful and hyper. He really knows how to make a girl feel special and loved.
This man is simply amazing: one of the most iconic gender benders of the 80's and 90's when it was the most taboo. You'll see on his motor bike the male and female symbols combined into one as to say, "You cannot define me and a man or woman." thus being gender-neutral. Back then it was unheard of, Prince was definitely beyond anyone else's sexuality and absolutely spoke to those whom, at the time, understood it. This amazing musician will forever be a legend and very missed. Several of his albums were up to 2 or 4 discs long, This man was a writing machine! So, this is my tribute to one of the worlds most legendary musicians and dancers. We love you Prince!
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