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Genre: Angst; !Mention of Suicide!
Members; Yoongi/Suga; Reader(You); OC child; Jungkook; Minor appearance of other members.
Part 7/7
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Summary: Was this really all he could do? Was this the some total of his worth?
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Taehyung silently watched Jungkook rewatch their music video for the eleventh time that evening. “Why are you only watching your part?” He asked softly. Jungkook paused the screen, his own apathetic expression illuminated by headlights staring back at him.
“What if he was calm?”
Taehyung moved closer, peering over the maknae’s shoulder at the screen,” Who?”
There was a heavy pause. Taehyung pushed back his hair,”I don’t know.. Why..why would you think that?” The younger member looked back to his phone.
“Yoongi hyung’s lyrics for the new album….I read some and there was a part that sounded familiar, it was something Jinseol had had written on a piece of paper in his pocket when…when they found him. Yoongi hyung put it in the song…and just..reading it again,” Jungkook wiped at his eyes,” He didn’t sound angry like everyone said..he sounded calm.” He scrutinized his own expression on the screen,”I don’t think I portrayed him right here. In the next MV, I want to redo the scene, but right this time...It’s the least I can do, right?”
Tae slowly shook his head,”I guess, if you feel so strongly about it. What were the lyrics Jinseol wrote?”
Jungkook looked over at Yoongi’s room door, it was shut, muffled music drifted out from beneath the doorjam. “I didn’t really know him, but I feel like I owe him and Yoongi hyung this. We’re singing about the most beautiful moment in life, right? I think this is one; remembering things that people we loved had said.” He closed out the video,” I think it’ll be comforting to Yoongi hyung. He’s been blaming himself.”
Yoongi stared down at the lyrics book in his lap, smoothing his hand over the wrinkled page. His eyes drifted over the news article on his laptop beside him, reading the headline once more.
He shut the device, focusing back on the book, softly rereading his son’s last words to himself.
‘No matter how far I reach for you, it’s just an empty dream. No matter how crazy I run, I remain in the same place. Let me run more. Please let me run more. Even though my feet are full of scars, I smile whenever I see you.
Is this really the most beautiful moment in life?’
Yoongi closed his eyes, shutting the soft cover book. Writing a song. Was this all he could do?
It seemed like it was all he knew how to do.