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Sorry For going Yoongi on you...I'm a bit biased :)
Yoongi’s Perspective
He wasn’t creepy. Not creepy at all. He was just waiting for (Y/N) to finish work. Not creepy but it was just dark and he was hiding behind a building. Was he doing something wrong?
Nah he just wanted to know more about her.
So he waited. Not very long before (Y/N) had come out of with a man. She smiled flipped her hair and said her goodbyes.
It was his turn to make a move.
The shift was finally over. You had already waved to Minjun good-bye. No need to think about work. No need to worry about cleaning anymore dishes until tomorrow.
The streets were empty and the wind was cool against your face. The moon was lighting your path to your house and everything was wonderful. That is until you heard steps. Every step you took there was an extra one right behind you. You sped up. The footsteps also sped up.
No way in hell is this happening. This only happens in movies and for some reason the person behind the main character of the movie always catches them and kills them. Nope this wasn’t going to be you today. You were not going to trip on a crack.
You increased your speed to the limit where it was hurting your sides but you couldn’t stop. You needed to know who was running behind you so you turned around and noticed a glimpse of a man.
Yoongi’s Perspective
What this girl human?
She was running too fast for him to catch up.
He was Yoongi, not some kind of a race track runner.
But the moment that she looked back at him she had run into a pole.
What kind of a person runs backward and runs into a pole? He had no clue. Was she really the right person he was looking for?
He was panting by the time he made it to her.
She was completely knocked out and a red mark on her face slowly started turning blue.
“Oh. Dang that’s going to bruise,” he breathed out loudly.
He couldn’t leave you out like this. You looked to vulnerable to anyone.
He leaned down and picked you up. He grunted. You were pretty light but running after you had made him too tired to lift himself up.
After a few minutes of carrying you he was going to give up. He couldn’t carry you all the way. So he found a nearby bench by the park and set you down.
He decided the only way to find out whether or not you were really the person he talked to was to message you.
‘Hey. So I’m looking for you where are you?’
There was no response. No response from the phone. But someone responded. She did.
“Oh why do I feel like” you paused to see someone eyes on you.
No way. What was he doing here out of all places.
You needed to get home soon.
“Yah. What’s your name?”
“Huh,” you looked up to see his face right in front of yours.
Wow Bro. Back away. Thank god for the darkness. It was hiding your emotions well.
“You’re blushing,” he said as he pulled away, “that look, don’t show it to that coworker of yours.”
God no. This man could see through everything. You quickly dug through your purse. You needed your friend to pick you up. You needed Minjun.
Your head was spinning around and you know walking through the streets to your house wasn’t a good idea.
“Hey Minjun-”
The phone was snatched out of your hands.
“Am I invisible or something? Do you really need to call some guy to pick you up right now?”
Yoongi’s Perspective
He had snatched her phone, and hung up.
You idiot she’’ll think you’re some kind of a weirdo.
But he had his chance now. He looked to see whether or not there was a notification from him.
There was. His name flashed on her lock screen.
She had known it was him the whole time.
Yoongi handed back her phone, and looked at her.
“So I think we got off on the wrong foot. I’m Min Yoongi.”
“Let’s get to know each other better.”
It had been a few weeks and both of you had been meeting twice every week or so. Yoongi would take you out to dinners and picnics but he never called them dates. He had clearly pointed it out to you. You had just never noticed that whenever he made that point his ears turned red. From what you knew you were just meeting up with him as friends. Just friends.
On the other side, Minjun watched your moves carefully. Whenever Yoongi would come to get you, you showed facial expressions that he had never seen. He was happy for you but at the same time he wanted it. He craved for it.
He wanted you to show those facial expressions to him only.
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