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Argh, I've been so busy and haven't been able to update and I'm a bit sad about it... I was sorta questioning being an adult this week lol...
Always it's time to continue on with the challenge...

Day 9: Ultimate Male Bias

and the winner is

RAIN (비) Jung Ji-hoon!!!!

I just adore him and pretty much follow his works... I even own Ninja Assassin just because he's in it! Also saw that Speed Racer movie (on TV mind you) just to see him in it... He's the second kpop artist I found and I loved him in Full House (which is how I hooked another friend of mine into K-dramas) and I still think he's sexy ;-)
I can't even deal while posting this... I would've been done done with this post but I was too busy fangirling....
Some of his works I've seen and I still gotta watch Please Come Back, Mister....
Well that is it for me for now, see ya'll next time!!!!