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You can't doubt these NAKAMA!! With the past and their history they create an impact like no other!! Sweet Six Saturday and Sugoi Saturday!! Can you describe a battle where these 6 could perform well together?? Anime is Life!!
@UzumakiJess yeah Luffy has an unlimited path!! I was reading a bunch of stuff today about the will of D and Luffy's parents and how ODA sensei said that he has already drawn her in the manga and she has appeared. Possible speculation but it was something going into the possibility that she also has the will of D and possibly a rebellious Noble or above and this all the more to give him unlimited power how Ace also had 2 parents with the will of D!! Also into the fact of luffys gum gum powers and how they could have been connected to Gol D and shanks and the crew set out to retrieve that specific fruit due to his high regard and love towards him n Luffy accidently eating it, well not accidental just hunger haha!! Though this would be another fruit that once was possible possessed by a Will of D holder giving him basically a trifecta of D power upon his own born will of D meaning 4 towards each of his gears and if you combine them all I'm sure there are more Gears to come since a possible speculation into the nobles and even higher up with the world and all their connections to how he is able to understand the giant beasts similar to Gol D's ability hence the possibility of him being a past gum gum retainer. Of course it could simply be the will of D power but again why has no other D been able to communicate I wonder then. Although it hasn't been stated but they all had to go through the same path to get to the new world and the giant sea beasts even said he was the only other able to communicate or understand them like Gol D so I think there is so much in store for Luffy and his ability a to come!! I believe a reader had asked and ODA sensei said he had already revealed Luffys mother and he would reveal her again I think it was around chapter 408 or something like that in the manga discussion corners of the books!! Idk if it shows the readers questions on online manga reading from kissanime and such but it's worth it to research to find more theories!! Luckily I own them all so it makes me wanna catch up on the manga and turn it into a research and fanfic/real based theory or hypothesis into a truth of the manga!! So basically turning it from fanfic into real manga storyline!! Sorry if this is any type of spoiler it's all just my research and speculation of course based off readings and others thoughts accumulated together!! Gotta love OP theories they can seriously go the deepest c the story is so well made and inconceivable to how far it can and will go!! Again sorry if this spoiled anything it is just what I've been thinking about while reading it and writing notes for theories and speculations into the powers of the devil fruits and the will of D!! I just get too excited and have to share it haha!! Well, One Piece is Love!! Always
I'd say if Luffy hadn't already perfectly mastered conquers haki... The 20000 fish man vs this lot would be epic to see!!!
@GabbyRushing would be epic NAKAMA!!
all of there villions teem up and only they can stop them