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These are all beautiful Ships, besides NaruSaku!! Personal opinion!! Otherwise almost anyone will agree with!! Imagine how their children will or are like?? Simply amazing with incredible powers!! Thanks to the amazing men and beautiful strong women of the anime world that this possibility can become people's reality!! Anime is life!! Ships sailing away!!
@JessicaFerrier @AimeBolanos I agree with that one!! Def a NaruHina myself too!! I don't know how I didn't see that at first!! Haha well the rest are in agreeable to me. Although I do love Boa Hancock as well but I think Nami fits better!!
I only disagree with one of the ships. I'm a Naruhina shipper
I ship it all except the fact I see NaruSaku here. 😅
@JessicaFerrier Lol I agree...
NaruSaku and Ichigo x Rukia I disagree with
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