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It's always cool to see locations in real life that look similar to those in anime that we love, but in this case, the creators of the show REALLY took real life & turned it into anime!!! The show is Flying Witch, which is airing this season ^^

Check out these comparisons!

The original google images were found by surwill!!! So awesome, says they just started at the bus stop from the first episode & walked from there!

I think the fact that this show is so "real" is part of its undeniable charm!

While she is a witch, it feels like this is something that could really be happening because of the locations being so utterly realistic. I love it!! Can't wait for the next episode ^_^
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your a wizard teach me your ways
2 years ago·Reply
soooooo cool....
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@OrBiTzFeedzz Sadly I just found someone who found these, he said he did it by looking at the name of the bus stop in the first episode & went from there!!
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that's so crazy awesome
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