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Seungri is starring in the Janpanese Movie High & Low to be release 7-16-16.
They also talk about it during the fan meeting at Kobe Japan......but all the Hyungs were talking "out of the subject" when they suppose to focus on his acting character......
All I see is the ↠spot light to "Panda Bae"
one of the Trailer! with Panda. They have many more on the movie.. all were very cool!!
Will he show his jujitsu skills? Gah I can't wait. This is his third project as an actor right? I prefer his role in Nineteen movie compared to Angel Eyes so I hope this upcoming movie is way much better than the other two. 😍😍
Yasss i can't wait to watch it!!! I will miss doi g my hw just to watch this movie😆😆😆😆😂
@obiterdictum the trailer didn't show much yet... let's hope there will be more trailer release♡♡♡♡
can't wait to see my panda get rough!!!!