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KCON is about 3 months away from now, and for many of us who are going, I bet a lot of us have to travel a bit by airplane due to our locations. Well here's a little Kpop playlist to listen to during the plane ride, but also just good songs to listen to whenever!!
Airplane by F(x) : Such a nice sog with a freshing kind of beat and melody. Perfect for airplane travel. "come with me. airplane. love." ^^
Fly by GOT7 : I love this song. Imagine listening to this song while looking out the window of an airplane. ^^ Fly~ I would have to refrain myself from dancing haha
I by Taeyeon : One thing I love about KCON is your surrounded by fellow Kpop fans and, for me, I feel kind of free and excited when I'm there. I will have this feeling on my plane ride there too so this song is just <3
Get Some Air by Kang Gary ft Miwoo : Plane rides can be boring and especially if your traveling alone and are bored, you end up thinking about things. So this is one of those songs that fit that kind of mood I think. I was really impressed with Gary when this song came out. I really like it a lot
Airplane by iKcon : again, just fits traveling by plane ^^
Traveler by F(x) ft Zico : legit the perfect travel song. Love this song <3
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I am going to kcon ny this year again. anyone else? so happy they announced that bts is going!!! I get to see my all time Ultimate bias!! I literally fell out of bed when I read they were coming