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soooo hey vingle bby's. its been awhile, just wanted to post a card and send my love and my apologies for being in my life even though I seen that some of you will have cemented me and cards and kept me up-to-date with what's going on in the app and I truly do appreciate it. But as life has its twists and turns and its requirements and responsibilities that I have to prioritize and get everything in order it sometime cause for me not to be on my phone and your little apps like Tango and Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and I'm pretty sure you got the point. But I am currently just checking in and realizing I haven't lost touch you all are still in my mind and I am so still interested in what you all have to post and card you have to vote so I will be going through possibly the last 2 months of what I missed but I'm glad to be back and I hope that you all are happy to have me back.
I don't think we've ever cross path on Vingle before but I wanted to say "Hi" and "Welcome back"! :)
Welcome back!!! By the way, I love this picture. Your eyebrows are perfecttt