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I think this happens all the time
woah.....suga!where did u even get that boot.....it's not even urs..... when suga had too much swag he doesn't even know what he's doing haha
honestly being with all these you'll never get bored....they'll always find something to do....I wonder if they ever get annoyed of each other?..........u know what I mean.... like seriously half of em' are older than us and have lots of energy.....more then we actually do.....
When the last girl is surrounded by BTS.... beware.this is whats gonna happen.... if u know what I mean
oh my
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Hahahaha! J-hope!!!! I laughed so hard. I wish Jin was part of that. 😟 I'd love to see his moves.
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I can relate to the first one because my best friend says I like kpop to much
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