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Inspiring Californian Residence with Luxurious Features

From the site: "Built from concrete, glass and stainless steel, this extraordinary residence is located at 9909 Beverly Grove, in Los Angeles, California. Every time you look at this 7,500 square foot home you will get an overwhelming feeling of modernism and freedom. Built as a robust private home, it features amazing illumined waterways, mahogany walls and basaltic stone flooring. An interior staircase gracefully connects all the floors of the house, right up to the rooftop pool, where you can enjoy an unobstructed 360 panorama of Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean. More mentionable features build a stronger picture of the residence: a gourmet top-of-the-line chef’s kitchen meats you at the second floor, a master bedroom with custom glass doors and a private deck will ensure your rest, while the spa-like bathroom with steam washes away any hard day. Just take a look at the pictures and watch out for fantastic details, because this residence can inspire you to dream and build. For sale here, the residence lacks only one thing: your opinion on where you would feel more comfortable if this was your home."
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Easy Tips For The Small Bathroom
In most apartments the bathroom is quite small, but if the bathroom renovation is cleverly designed, even a small bathroom can become an eye-catcher. The right bathroom furniture offers plenty of storage space. For small bathrooms, narrow and high cupboards are particularly suitable. A bathtub should largely be avoided, a walk-in shower makes the room appear larger and there is no barrier to overcome. A floor-level shower is a real relief, especially for older residents. Also, the toilet and the washbasin must be placed correctly, often the sanitary facilities are simply in the wrong place and the bath looks cramped. The floor-level shower - the ideal partner in the small bathroom! In small bathrooms, a floor-level shower with a shower wall made of glass or transparent plastic is recommended. Shower curtains further reduce the size of the bathroom. It is ideal if a shower tray is completely dispensed with and the floor is also equipped with tiles. It is important to make sure you have the right floor covering and use anti-slip tiles accordingly. Tip: In order to create a harmonious overall picture, the same tiles should be used on the floor as on the wall. This simply makes the bathroom look bigger and more spacious. An integrated shower channel allows the water to drain off without any problems. All sanitary articles should be installed by an expert, he knows what is important. If the shower partition can be swivelled, the user also has more space when he is not showering. Space-saving Bathtubs For Small Bathrooms If you don't have a tiny bathroom, you don't necessarily have to do without a bathtub. In the meantime, there is a multitude of so-called space-saving bathtubs for small bathrooms on the market. But corner bathtubs or bathtubs that are deeper than an ordinary bathtub can also be integrated into smaller bathrooms. All these bathtubs have one thing in common: they are significantly shorter than conventional bathtubs. This aspect means that they can also be installed in a small bathroom if there is enough space. The Washbasin For a small bathroom, the normal washbasins are often much too big. Not only are they often too wide, but they also often stand much too far into the room. So-called space-saving washbasins or furniture washbasins with smaller washbasins are particularly suitable. In the case of furniture washbasins, the washbasin is combined with a vanity unit. To ensure that there is enough storage space, the washbasin should be integrated flush with the top of the washbasin. There are a large number of different furniture washbasins on the market, in different sizes and colours. Compared to a conventional washbasin, space-saving washbasins are less deep, sometimes slightly wider. However, this also varies from model to model. You can use a closed cupboard or a model with shelves. All bathroom utensils can then be stored here. This creates a lot of additional storage space and space is not lost. The Arrangement Of The Sanitary Equipment In the past, the sanitary facilities were usually mounted next to each other on the wall. But this only makes the bathroom smaller. However, the specialist prefers the pre-wall installation, he practically pulls in walls where there are none at all. The pipes then run along the wall and special claddings make it possible to install washes and the like at any point. This pre-wall can be installed half-high or at ceiling height. The Storage Space The bathroom must offer enough storage space, but most conventional cupboards are far too large. When renovating a bathroom, you must not give away a single centimetre, so many small cupboards are a hindrance. Tip: Better is a large bathroom cupboard with space for towels, a hairdryer and tins and tubes. It also brings a bit of visual tranquillity into the small bathroom. Special corner shelves can also be very advantageous for corners. They offer storage space and are beautiful to look at and do not take up much space. A mirror cabinet should be placed above the washbasin, it also offers plenty of space for cosmetics, a mirror and is illuminated. If you have a washbasin without a base cabinet, you can also place a small shelf under the washbasin as an alternative. Due to its open and slim shape, it doesn't look so clunky and still offers space for various utensils. When renovating the bathroom, don't forget the space above the door. Often there is unused storage space, which can be used either with wall cupboards or shelves. Access is then facilitated by a folding stool. The Colours The colour design is very important for a small bathroom, bright colours make the room look bigger. Hard contrasts should also be avoided, yellow and white are a successful colour combination. Large tiles should also be used. This results in fewer joints and makes the bathroom appear quieter. Mosaic tiles can set additional accents and create a real eye-catcher. Accessibility Even a small bathroom can be barrier-free, a walk-in shower is practically "obligatory", but also handholds or a seat for showering must not be missing. Not only older people or the disabled will appreciate it. A barrier-free bathroom is comfortable for all ages! What Can You Do Yourself? When renovating a bathroom, you can do a lot yourself, but the sanitary facilities should always be used by a specialist. The user himself can clear out the bathroom and perhaps make a plan of what the bathroom should look like later. Tiles can certainly be covered with glue, towel holders and holders for the toothbrush cups can also be attached and of course, the bathroom itself can be decorated. But the sanitary facilities, the electrical installation and the tiles should always be laid by a specialist. That can save a lot of trouble later. 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Screw Normal Houses, Give Me A Tree House
Since so many people loved my card about Tiny Houses I thought you might also be interested in another new and AMAZING way to live... Fully furnished and jaw dropping Tree Houses! You read that right. There is now a show called TreeHouse Masters that build beautiful and livable tree houses. So any of you who related to Tarzan on a level most people could not understand....well this guys does! The tree houses are not your run of the mill planks nailed together like you had when you were a kid (or at least saw in the movies). These tree house include - a working bathroom - a functional kitchen - running water and - the most amazing views So what are you waiting for? Sell that old house and hop on the coolest band wagon yet. Tree Houses: To recreate your childhood...only now you have money. Check out this tour of a recently finished tree house! Doesn't that just look stunning. And the host of the show is SO NICE! I can not get over how beautiful this tree house is. Here are just a few more pics of their amazing creations. Here is a tree house that's roof is a living part of it! Many tree houses grow plants and grass onto their roofs to great an even earthier feel. No size or shape is impossible for the tree masters as they create circle houses and even houses that take the shape of a pinecone! Just look at the inside of this house!! Its the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! Although I think building a tree house like this one is going to cost a little more then a tiny house.... Well, happy saving and let me know if you would be just as down to live in a tree house as I am! I thought you might like this card since you liked the last one !! @buddyesd @jeff4122 @JordanNash @marshalledgar
Buy The Best Sets Of Different Things At A Reasonable Price
Making your home look beautiful is a good thing, but to make it happen is a difficult task. There are many things which are in store for you all and to make a room look beautiful, you need to take care of various things. These things include the covers as well, which means covering the stuff in the right way. In the bedroom, covering of bed is a must, and it must be done in a right way. There are various ways in which you can see that there are many things which you all can use to cover the beds. If you are in search of getting some sheets, then get the sheets set on sale, Florida. When you go for it, then you can see that there are many things which can be done in the right way and for that, you can Go for the Sheets sets on sale Florida. Make the room attractive By getting the bed covering Sheets sets on sale, Florida will not help you in a great way. You can see that there are various other things as well, which all need to be taken care of in a significant idea. For that all, you need to Go for the comforter sets on sale from here. These sets help you to give an excellent look to the room. If you are in search of getting a one good, then you can get it by going for the comforter sets on sale. In the sale, you can get various designs as well as other types of sets too. So, go for the comforter sets on sale and get it at a reasonable price. The next thing that usually people searches are the duvet sets. If you are too in search of these things, then you can go for the duvet cover sets on sale, Florida. You can get plenty of it from here and can also have some good designs and types as well. To get the best sets, you can go and check the duvet cover sets on sale, Florida. Make the bathroom look nice You not only get the duvet cover sets on sale, Florida, but also you will get the best bathroom towel sets on sale too. When anyone washes the hand or even goes to the bathroom, they need towels. There are many kinds of designs in it, and you can quickly get it by going for the bathroom towel sets on sale. If you are trying to get a good set of towels for yourself or guests, then you can quickly get it from here. For all these things, you can go for the bathroom towel sets on sale from online and can quickly get your hand on any of the sets that you want. Apart from that all, the price of the towel sets available here is of a good one. View Source: https://bit.ly/2GO2ptF
μ‚Άμ˜ μ§ˆμ„ ν–₯μƒμ‹œμΌœμ€„ μΈμ„ΌμŠ€ μŠ€ν‹± & 홀더 μΆ”μ²œ 리슀트
Editor Comment μš” λͺ‡ λ…„ μƒˆ μ†Œν™•ν–‰ νŠΈλ Œλ“œ 덕에 ν–₯을 μ¦κΈ°λŠ” 방법이 λ‹€μ–‘ν•΄μ‘Œλ‹€. ν–₯수둜 이름을 λ‚ λ¦° μ½”μŠ€λ©”ν‹± λΈŒλžœλ“œ 각자만의 λ…Έν•˜μš°λ‘œ μ œμ‘°ν•œ 캔듀은 λ¬Όλ‘  디퓨저λ₯Ό λΉ„λ‘―ν•œ λ‹€λ₯Έ λ°©ν–₯제 β€˜μΈμ„ΌμŠ€ μŠ€ν‹±β€™ λ˜ν•œ 큰 인기닀. μ ˆμ΄λ‚˜ μ œμ‚¬ 지낼 μ‹œμ—λ§Œ μ‚¬μš©ν•œλ‹€κ³  μƒκ°ν–ˆλ‹€λ©΄ μ˜€μ‚°. μΈμ„ΌμŠ€ ν•œ 개라면 곡간을 μš°μ•„ν•˜κ²Œ 물듀여주기도, λ§ˆμŒμ„ μ•ˆμ •μ‹œμΌœμ£ΌκΈ°λ„ ν•œλ‹€. νŒŒμ΄λ¦¬μ™€ λ‚˜κ·Έμ°ΈνŒŒμ™€ 같은 λŒ€ν‘œμ μΈ ν–₯을 ν¬ν•¨ν•œ 후각을 μžκ·Ήν•˜λŠ” 힐링 μ†Œν’ˆ μΈμ„ΌμŠ€ 그리고 μΈν…Œλ¦¬μ–΄ μ†Œν’ˆ 역할도 ν†‘ν†‘νžˆ ν•΄μ£ΌλŠ” 홀더 μΆ”μ²œ 리슀트λ₯Ό μ°Έκ³ ν•΄λ³΄μž. μΈμ„ΌμŠ€ μŠ€ν‹± ν”„λ‘œλΉˆμŠ€ μ•„ν¬ν…ŒμΌ€λ¦¬ ν–₯ | 라벀더 μ—μ„Όμ…œ 였일 가격 | 1만 8천 μ›λŒ€ ꡬ맀처 | provinceapothecary.com λ ˆμ΄μ¦ˆλ“œ 바이 울브슀 ν–₯ | 라밴더 가격 | 2만 3천 μ›λŒ€ ꡬ맀처 | caliroots.com 더 라이즈 μ•€ 폴 ν–₯ | νŒ”λ‘œ μ‚°ν†  가격 | 2만 3천 μ›λŒ€ ꡬ맀처 | urbanoutfitters.com μ™€μ½”λ§ˆλ¦¬μ•„ x μΏ°λ°” ν–₯ | μƒŒλ‹¬ μš°λ“œμ™€ μΉ¨ν–₯ λ‚˜λ¬΄ ν˜Όν•© 가격 | 2만 5천 μ›λŒ€ ꡬ맀처 | shop.havenshop.com μ–΄μŠ€ + μ—˜λ¦¬λ©˜νŠΈ ν–₯ | νŒ”λ‘œ μ‚°ν† , 라벀더, 야생 ν˜„μž, 둜즈마리 ν˜Όν•© 가격 | 3만 5천 μ›λŒ€ ꡬ맀처 | urbanoutfitters.com μ•„ν¬ν…ŒμΌ€ ν”„λž˜κ·ΈλŸ°μŠ€ ν–₯ | 36μ’… 가격 | 1만 8천 μ›λŒ€ ꡬ맀처 | apotheke.theshop.jp μΈμ„ΌμŠ€ 홀더 콘크리트 였브젝트 μ œν’ˆλͺ… | 폴리곀 μΈμ„ΌμŠ€ λ²„λ„ˆ 가격 | 17만 원 3천 μ›λŒ€ ꡬ맀처 | slamjamsocialism.com μΏ°λ°” μ œν’ˆλͺ… | λ©”νƒˆ μΊ” μΈμ„ΌμŠ€ λ²„λ„ˆ 가격 | 18만 8천 μ›λŒ€ ꡬ맀처 |Β goodhoodstore.com ꡬ찌 μ œν’ˆλͺ… | ν•˜λ°”λ¦¬μ›€ 가격 | 22만 μ›λŒ€ ꡬ맀처 |Β  gucci.com μ‹œλ‚˜λͺ¬ ν”„λ‘œμ νŠΈ μ œν’ˆλͺ… | λ―Έλ„€λž„ λ ˆλ“œ 카닐리언 μΈμ„ΌμŠ€ λ²„λ„ˆ 가격 | 32만 μ›λŒ€ ꡬ맀처 | matchesfashion.com λ„€μ΄λ²„ν›„λ“œ μ œν’ˆλͺ… | λΆ€μ¦ˆ . λΌλ””μ˜€ / CE-μΈμ„ΌμŠ€ 챔버 가격 | 31만 μ›λŒ€ ꡬ맀처 | shop.havenshop.com λ”Β μžμ„Έν•œΒ λ‚΄μš©μ€Β <μ•„μ΄μ¦ˆλ§€κ±°μ§„>Β λ§ν¬μ—μ„œ