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From the site: "At a first glance, you may believe this is an enticing resort. In fact, the property in the photos below is as intimate as can get. Currently listed on Sotheby’s for $9,500,000, this massive oceanfront residence in Hawaii features an impressive overall layout, three bedrooms and plenty of outdoor leisure opportunities. The first level is completely open, with pillars separating the spaces and supporting the floor above. A perfect setting composed of lush vegetation and a pond surrounds the building."
didnt realize you came over to my house....i know, my place is quite amazing huh?
@cheerfulcallie @yinofyang oohhoo Callie we can have some fun at your house ??? hihihi we bring the hotties and food !!!hihihi
@cheerfulcallie Girl, your house is off the chart. We could hold a helluva party here. XD @MasriDaniela Hot guys and food are never a bad thing.