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KCON 2016 Fan Engagement Pass Trade-in Form
KFAM DOCUMENTATION KCON BUY/SELL/TRADE KCON Fan Passes This is the KCON 2016 Fan Engagement Passes. You can fill them yourself of who you mainly want and willing to sell or trade for. You can fill in the contact details but you do not have to do all of them. This will be different because I will make sure you get in touch with the fan who wants the passes and will be in a separate KKT Talk Chat, so it's recommended you have KKT to ensure you can get the trade you want. Good luck. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lYcXTNemRn_1iSfTp1sVcte5tBPIGp1kG0LfS9eP7Yg/htmlview?pli=1
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