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Annyeonghaseyo 👋🏼 Here's is another installment to Run. Hope you enjoy this one.
My Answer It was shoot day, I had gotten down here early on Ha Ri's request. Turned out she wanted to dye my hair, I just said why not I haven't dyed my hair in a few years. After I was done Ha Ri came into the room, "Unnie, here put this outfit on." She said smiling, I looked at it and smiled, "I knew you like it, it fits in with the guys concept as well" She said I nodded and went to change. It was a simple shirt that was white and faded to blue, I had my torn skinny jeans and my blue converse, It was pretty cool. I came out and she did my makeup and gave me a few rings to wear, I smiled at it my whole look. "Hey Maria-ssi, your always looking cool with your American style" Lay said smiling "Oh, Thanks Yixing" I said smiling. I notices all the guys came in "I was going to ask noona, why do you always wear that necklace?" Chayeol asked I grabbed it "It was a gift from a friend, as I thought back to the day Tony gave it to me, "Okay unnie pull your shirt down from your shoulder so I can but this cover up on there" I nodded and did as she told me, couple of the guys looked at me and peaked at it, "She did a good job covering my tattoo you guys never noticed" I said smiling, "You have a tattoo?" Suho asked I nodded a few of them circled around and noticed my roses on my shoulder, "That's really cool noona" Chanyeol said I smiled "Thanks" I replied letting Ha Ri finish, "okay done" She said in english and started fanning the cover up. "Are you guys ready?" The main photographer asked we all answered and did the shoot, I actually had fun, we did singles, and group ones, then i did a couple with Suho because of the whole "Dating" thing,I looked over at Chen when I had a chance, he looked upset and walked off, deep down my heart felt like it was going to break, after we did that, we did a cool group one.
(A/N: In the photo Maria is sitting where Tao would be sitting. so basically, this story is based as Tao left before this shoot was taken.) After when we were done we changed, I changed back into my band shirt and skinnies I wore when I got there, "Unnie!" Ha Ri yelled before I left, I turned around "Look!" she showed me a photo that a fan took, I couldn't believe what it said *Breaking News* Fans catch EXO's Mars at a resturant with four other guys, rumors spread that She was cheating on Suho, with this indivdual. (Shows picture with her and Tony's arm over her shoulders at the resturant, and her hugging him at the hotel) *More news on this to come as rumors are spreading quick. I was in disbelief, "Isn't that your brother's band Maria-ssi?" Chen asked looking at it, I nodded "Wae? Ugh!" I was just fustrated that I just left ignoring the calls of my fellow memebers. I seen some fans and pulled my mask and sunglasses on, hearing them yell at me for "hurting their oppa" or "Leave the group" I had half a mind to go up to those girls and tell them off, but Suho came out with the rest of the guys, "EXO-M needs to head to their schedule" He whispered I nodded and was about to follow Xiumin and Chen to the van, when Suho grabbed my arm and hugged me in front of everyone, I couldn't push away so I had to let it happen, He pulled away and looked at me "Don't let them get to you" He said sweetly I could tell in his eyes he wasn't sincere, but this feeling with him holding me felt... nice. I smiled and almost walked away when He kissed my forehead, I was suprised and the fans went crazy. I walked off and fast, and jumped into the van, I was quiet for awhile "Maria-ssi?" I looked at Xiumin "Yea oppa?" He grabbed my hand "I don't know how to feel about this whole situation." He said I looked at him, "What do you mean?" I asked, "Look at him, he's so mesirable without you." He said we both looked at Chen He had his earphones in and humming along to the music, I sighed and rested my head on Xiumin, "I don't know what to do." I said, "Well you need to go up and tell the public that it was just your family that you were with" He said I nodded, there was that too. "I don't know if I can hold up this act, I miss him." I said Lay turned around to face us "He misses you too" He said we all looked at Chen, I sat up a little and wrapped my arms around Chen and laid my head on the back of his neck, I felt him hold onto my hand "Where are we going again?" I asked, "Interview, then taking Lay to the airport." Xiumin said pulling his phone out, I sighed "Your already leaving back to China?" I asked letting go of Chen, He nodded "Gotta do my promotions" He said, I nodded I wish I could finish up with these learning Chinese classes "I wish I could go" I said, Lay grabbed my hand "I'll be back, don't worry." He said I nodded again. *Timeskip after interviews* We got back to the dorms as I set up a camera, and had Suho come up and sit with me, "What are we doing again?" He asked, I sighed "I'm making a video explaining what was going on yesturday when my brothers were here." I said, "Oh, I'm doing this in English and Korean, cause I know fans in the states that don't listen to my brothers band probably didn't know" I said again, He nodded again "But shouldn't they?" He asked, "Some fans know who I am." I said I pulled out my phone and showed him some pictures that I was tagged in, some saying "That's Maria's brother Jaime and his band they're family" or "She's not cheating on him, those are her brothers" I was glad I had my brother's fans to back me up, "That's really cool" He said I shrugged. I looked through my instagram, and found a picture with Tony and myself "Besties for life" was the title on it. "Is that the one who gave you that?" He asked pointing at my necklace, I nodded, "He gave it to me for my birthday two years ago, He's my best friend, I known him longer than the other two." I said, He nodded. "Let's do this" I said, "Oppa!!" I yelled, and Xiumin came in "ready?" He asked I nodded, and we walked over to adjust the camera, "Kay, go" He said "Annyeonghaseyo, EXO's Mars-imnida, Im making this Video as to adress the concern and rumors that came up over night, from my day off yesturday, as some may know, my brother and his bandmates, came to visit me here in Seoul, those were the boys that you see me pictured with. So I am not cheating on Suho... on Suho oppa. Please if you wish can look up and see that my brother is picture many times with me on my Instagram account." Suho wrapped his arm around my shoulder. as I finshed talking "Hope you can all understand this is a false rumor, and still hope you look foward to future plans for EXO, see you guys soon." I said to the camera as me and Suho bowed. Xiumin stopped recording. "Hope that clears up everything." I said Xiumin nodded and left, I looked at Suho "Um.." I said "Oh, sorry" He said moving his arm. "Look Suho-" "I like you Maria-ssi" He blurted out cutting me off "What?" I said, He got up, "I know, you like Chen and he likes you, I just wish I never did what I did to you. After I seen what happened with you and Chanyeol, that day on the roof, I went too far, and seeing you hurt at our concert when you first debut, I felt really bad, and felt that I needed to protect you after that I had develop feelings for you." He said "I'm sorry" He bowed at me and left. I was left speechless. *Month Later* After the whole clear up with the cheating rumors, Suho confessing to me and doing non-stop practicing, but it all paid off because it was finally the MAMA award show, Lay couldn't make the filiming part of Call Me Baby with us cause of his schedule, but we were happy that he made it in time to finish performing with us. "Are you ready to go?" Ha Ri asked I nodded "Wow~ Unnie you look really pretty" I smiled thanks, "No heels noona?" Chanyeol asked and he measured my height against his chest, I hit him "Hey, i'm not that short" I said "Noona, your the same height as Minseok and Baekyun hyung, your short" He retorted "Whatever" I said and followed him and Ha Ri out to the cars, slowly everyone else did as well, "Did you get you performing outfit done?" Suho asked I nodded, "Ha Ri has it at the show already, remember I packed it with your guys wardrobe" I said. I got in, "Wha, you look really beautiful Maria-ssi" Chen said I smiled, "Thank you Jongdae-ssi" He both smiled. We got to the awards show, and waited till it was our turn to walk the carpet, I was to stand by Xiumin and Chen, but they had me stand in the middle of Suho and Kai instead, Chen looked a little sad but we had to smile for the cameras, we got to the spot where we had to introsuce ourselves "hana, dui, set, we are one, annyeonghaseyo yeoleobun, uli neun EXO" we all said at the same time. Some of the fans cheered and yelled out the boys names, or just yelling "oppa", I was suprised that some were calling out me some "Unnie!" or "Mars-ssi" I was smiling and waving. (A/N: Imagine Maria in-between Kai and Suho. In the second photo the first set is her red carpet outfit and the second it her performing outfit)
(Timeskip from awards to Performance) We went inside we ran into some of the other groups and what not we all said our hello's to the sunbae's and some of the dongsangs that were new. we were all about to head backstage to get ready for our performance, when I heard someone yell "noona!" I turned around to see Taemin coming up I smiled and gave him a hug "How are you? I feel like I hardly see you anymore" He said I smiled "I've been busy" I said pointing towards EXO, "I heard, thats too bad that your not photgraphing anymore" He said I shrugged "I'm gunna see if I can skip out on the last few schedules that I don't really need to be in so I can get some photography work in" I said Taemin nodded and waved behind me, I looked to see Kai walk up, "Noona you know Taemin hyung?" He asked I nodded "He was actually my first friend that I made when I first started working at SM" I said to him, He nodded as I bowed to Taemin "I'll see you later Taemin-ssi" I said and walk off to stand by Suho, cause of the "realationship" thing, but I was still having this feeling in my gut everytime we brushed our arms or when are hand lightly touch, I could feel a shock, it was weird. We were on standby, waiting when Chanyeol looked at me "Noona, isn't that the same-" "Yes dongsang it is" I said knowing what he was going to ask Xiumin and Chen laughed, alright EXO on stage we all ran out to our spots, and waited for Kai to walk up and the music to start. I loved performing Call Me Baby live it was fun. After we were done I stood side stage watching the guys do the Lightsaber part, I loved Star Wars so I was really happy to be part of the group for this one. "alright guys go get dressed back into the wardrobe you were wearing" the stage manager said, I ran to the dressing room to get freshen up Ha Ri redid my hair, I looked at her and smiled "What is it unnie?" she asked, "I'm just thinking back on how this whole mess started" I said, "We won four awards already, I wasn't with the guys long but I was very happy that I got to experience this. Being the only girl in an all boy group." I said again "I bet it's been fun though, your also the girlfreind of Suho, that's gotta be amazing right?" She asked, I faked smiled at her and nodded, I only did that because,one- I didn't want this relationship with him, and two- my heart belonged to Chen. "Yea, It's been fun" I replied. We sat back at our table, and talked among each other, of course the three beagles were all messing with each other, and other memebers, earned a slap behind their heads from D.O. I laughed at them, we were waiting patiently for the annoucements for the last award "This last award has awards so there is no suprise to who it goes to For the best Global Fan's choice for the Male group, and also For the first Mixed gender group: EXO!" The annoucer said we all got up and bowed to all the groups around us, The boys made me go up with them, (I didn't go up during the other awards) We got up on stage, Suho, Baekhyun, and Kai made their speeches, then I got passed the Mixed Gender awards and told me to make a small speech. I was nervous that I as going to mess up, They handed me the mic "Oh, wow uh I honestly don't know what to say, but thanks to the company for this oppurtunity to be with these nine boys, We had a rough start but I grew to call them my brothers. Thank You" I said bowing to the boys and to the crowd, "We are one" I said the boys said it back and we all bowed and walked off stage. "Hey Maria" I turned around to see Suho come up to me, I stopped Chen, Xiumin and Lay looked back. "Go ahead I'll catch up" I told them, "Suho-ssi" I sai looking at him, "Hey, let's go on a date." He said I looked at him, "A d-date?" I said He nodded, "Um, when?" I asked "Tonight?" he said, i made an "o" face and looked down. "I had plans with Chen, Xiumin and Lay" I said He looked down, "Mind if I joined you? I mean we can all hang out and celebrate." He said I nodded, "Let me ask, I honestly didn't think to celebrate." I said He nodded and I dashed off to Chen, "Hey, let's celebrate tonight" I said they agreed and I turned around and gave Suho an okay sign and kept walking, Chen looked back and put his arm over my shoulder, while I wrapped my arm around Xiumin, I laughed knowing what Chen was doing, We got stopped and asked if they could take out pictures we smiled and said yea, Lay joined in this one. "That's good thanks guys" He said and walk off and took one of K. Now to head back to the dorms and get food cooking for out celebration party.
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Well then!!!!!! I wasn't expecting a confession from Suho!!!!!!