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This is just something I would like to clear up. I don't plan on making this a long speech but we'll see how it goes.
In the video above, a gamer is conducting a live stream. During the stream, a viewer donates what I believe is currency. Along with the donation, he writes how he has attempted suicide in the past, but has found strength in watching the streamer's videos. In return, the streamer goes on a rant about how selfish suicide is and belittles people who claim to be depressed or anxious. Now, let's get one thing straight. I understand where he's coming from. Everyone now a days is depressed. Some are just tired of life and others are just tired of living. What is the difference, you might ask? Tired of life is when you are fed up of all of the bad things that go on in your life. Tired of living is when you no longer find satisfaction in life in general, whether it be good or bad. I believe this streamer does not know the difference. He says that everyone is depressed and tired of life, but I'm sure his definition is based on the first one. There are people who can no longer find happiness in day to day activities, even if it was something they enjoyed in the past. But it is not their fault. I, for one, am an example. There are times (now less common than before thank God) when I could be hanging out and having a blast with my best friend, but it is very short and ends quickly. When it stops, it doesn't come back for a while. There are other times when I find myself just struggling to get out of bed or finding the motivation to keep going. I know, somewhere, deep down inside that I have to do it, but it's almost like a wall that will not let me cross. And do not think for a second that I use it to my advantage. I do not go around yelling how bad I am or using my depression as an excuse for everything. In reality, I am ashamed of it. Anyone can tell you that taking pills and going to therapy or having to see a psychiatrist is not something to be proud of, but we do it to make us feel better. I have no beef with the streamer, hell, I don't even know who he is, but I will say that his response is rash and one sided. He reminds me of a friend I used to have back in high school. When I was in the hospital, I received several letters from classmates wishing for my return, and all of them were hopeful, except for his. Instead, his letter was full of un-empathetic furry. He shrugged off my reasons for breaking down and treated them like they were nothing. Maybe he believed that some tough love was needed, but none of it helped at all. Instead, it made me feel even worse for letting "everyday issues" affect me in such a way. To conclude, I would just like to warn people about how they view those who are clinically depressed. We are not proud of it, and I'm sure most of us would do anything to get better. If tough love is needed, then word it in a way that will make us feel better about the future and not ashamed about the past. Thank you -Dynamo I said I didn't want this to be a speech but I guess it turned out that way. Sorry...
i agree, i was diagnosed at 14(without parents realising) id been self harming and eating disored since i was 10. i do also have bpd. doctors & patients need to be objective, example a close relative has died. the person would prob be sad, mayb cry, angry. may even not eat or sleep well. A doc would diagnose Dep as they go by a tick box of symtoms. obv its GRIEF not Dep. the symptoms only need to last 2 WKS for that diagnosis!
@shannonl5 I agree! People like to say, "I'm so depressed" as a general statement when in reality they're "tired" or just "sad". Depression is a deeper word than just sadness and I believe people get that confused.
on a bad day i imagine when doing the tick box that bad day would give incorrect weight to the answers.
@shannonl5 Exactly. Very well said
I think there is definitely a lot of misunderstanding about depression, and it's very unfair for the people who suffer from it. It's not a choice, it's an illness. There are things that can be done to make it better (like changing circumstances, removing stress, and becoming overall healthier) but it's still an illness. It needs treatment. It's not about being bored or lazy or even just having a bad day once in a while. It's chronic and painful.