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Got7s light stick is finally out! green and white and It's a baby bird !
Ok, I'm a huge Got7 fan and I'm so glad they finally have their very own light stick and fandom color! I have seen so many beautifully designed light sticks, in fact I love collecting them ( my favorite is Winner light stick) at first I was not fond of it, this one is very different and shorter than most but still love our baby birds! what do you guys think? I guess its compact? =)
@Ticasensei thank you馃榾馃榾馃榿馃榿
@LysetteMartinez they are to be sold first in the Got7 fly concert in seoul I'll let you know where you can order once after
I want it to be my first light stick too, but where could I buy them? They don't have it yet at the kpop store in Chinatown Chicago
Oh okay I see.. Good thinking..
@KpopQueenaBee yes I did not add the video because it's mainly a cheering guide, lol I was going to add later
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