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Genre: Angst
Pairing: Namjoon x Reader
Length: 1857 words
Summary: Finally found a man I want. Until he turned out to be my student.
Part: 6/?
I dashed to my room to examine myself.
As well as the old marks, there were now new marks everywhere- some would be impossible to cover no matter how much make-up I used.
I called Jin. No way could I go in today, looking like the way I did.
“Hello”, I fake-coughed, trying to sound ill.
“Hey y/n, what’s up?”, he didn’t sound bright and cheery like he usually did. In fact, there was no emotion in his face.
“Jin”, I rasped. “Listen, will you be good to teach without me? I’m not feeling too great.” I coughed again for good measure.
“Sure. Listen, I’ve got to go, class is about to start.” I was just about to thank him and say ‘bye’, but he ended the call.
I frowned, slightly hurt by his bluntness. This wasn’t like him at all. He was probably still in shock from yesterday. Or he was annoyed that I wouldn’t be there to help. I really didn’t know.
As expected, once it got to 9am, and class had started, Namjoon kept bombarding me with texts.
I gritted my teeth at the last couple of messages- especially the last one. Namjoon was showing Jin zero respect, and Jin didn’t deserve that.
I decided to lounge about for the rest of the day, not knowing what to do with myself. I’d left all the marking at school, and there was no way I was going in. I could bump into Jin, or even worse- Namjoon.
I was lost in my thoughts when I froze. Me and Jin had a pact at the start of the year. If anyone in class was caught passing notes or texting, we were allowed to read what they had written.
Not out loud to who whole class, but just us. We were sure it would embarrass the student enough to never do it again.
And Namjoon had written in that message that Jin had told him to stop texting- meaning he had got caught. Which meant Jin....would’ve read the messages.
Shit. ShIT. SHIT!
I looked back at the texts in horror.
The bit that said “I was worried I’d been too rough” and him calling Jin ‘That bastard” were staring back up at me.
I was shaking. Jin wouldn’t forgive this. He would know I lied to him. He would....he would hate me for this.
The rest of the day felt like the calm before the storm. I was constantly on edge, wondering what the hell to do. I had had no more texts from Namjoon, which made me slightly more nervous.
I missed Thursday as well. Still no word from Namjoon, or Jin for that matter. It felt almost eery, the anticipation of waiting.
As the sun set once more, the phone rang. The shrill sound made me jump, but I answered almsot straight away.
“You still up for tomorrow?”, Jin’s voice asked on the other end. I frowned slightly. No ‘hi’ or ‘hello’?
“Erm, sure! How was teaching?” I tried to initiate conversation, sighing in relief. My first thought was that if he was still wailling to meet me out of school, he hadn’t seen the messages.
“It was fine. See you tomorrow.” The call cut off.
What the fuck?
I actually contemplated going in on Friday but I was still a hot mess. I woke up to one missed call, and my heart started beating faster, thinking it was from Namjoon, but it was an old friend.
I sighed, almost...disappointed, with his lack of contact. Of course I could try ringing him, but that just felt wrong, like I was leading him on.
And maybe he had decided he wanted to get with that annoying girl, so who was I to disrupt, right?
I started getting ready early, picking out a cute dress, and a cardigan to cover my arms, seeing as it was a bit chilly. I was glad of the weather, because I could wear a scarf to cover my neck and chest.
Damn Namjoon for leaving so many marks on me.
I knew where Jin was going. There was this restaurant a street away which we both loved- we would go there whilst teacher-training quite regularly. I’m pretty sure he had tried everything on the menu by now.
I was hoping being in a place that harboured so many nice memories would lighten his mood a little. I opted for light make-up, just to cover the fact that I was sleep-deprived. I double-checked my little bag. Phones, Keys. That was all I needed. Little bit of perfume, and I was done.
I texted Jin to say I was ready and he told me he was already there. I smiled at his typical urge to get everywhere early, but then frowned because whenever we went there, he drove me there and back.
I didn’t care that I had to make my own way there, it was just....tradition for him to do it.
I opted to drive, seeing as it was too cold to walk. So before I left, I changed my heels to flats, because I couldn’t drive wearing heels to save my life.
I got there fairly quickly, there was hardly any traffic at this time. Getting inside, I made a beeline for the booth me and Jin always sat at, a smile on my face. Jin and I always had a good time here.
I turned the corner, ready to say ‘hi’, but I stopped dead, the smile faltering. Because, yes, Jin was there and yes my seat was still empty. But sat next to Jin was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen.
“Y/n”, Jin said smiling. Not his usual smile, but a smile nonetheless. “This is Yoona, she’s been helping me out for the last couple of days. Also newly qualified”, he introduced her. She stood up, smiling warmly to shake my hand, and I took it, trying my best to smile back.
Jin signalled at me to take a seat, but I suddenly wanted to be anywhere but here. I thought it was just going to be the two of us. He hadn’t told me there would be anyone else. In fact, he had never told me about this ‘Yoona’ at all.
I bit my lip, sitting opposite him. I stared at the menu, not taking in any of the words. I could feel his eyes on me as he listened to this girls incessant rambling, but I refused to look up at him.
My cheek grew warm as they both laughed at some shitty joke she’d made. I wasn’t even going to hide the fact that I felt jealous. Yes, I was jealous of Jin and this girl.
In the two days I hadn’t come in, he had already replaced me... Don’t I mean anything to him?
Of course I appreciated the fact that he had stayed quiet about Namjoon- no one else in his position would have done that for me. But instead getting the chance to thank him, I now had to sit here for a couple of hours and watch these two flirt like there was no tomorrow.
I hadn’t stopped biting my lip, and only did so when a coppery taste invaded my mouth. Great, now my lips bleeding.
I discretely wiped at it with my thumb, glancing up from the menu to see if any of them had noticed.
Jin was staring at me intensely. In fact, I don’t even think he was listening to Yoona at all.
I needed to breathe, and I couldn’t under Jin’s piercing gaze. I got up, leaving my bag there, so they wouldn’t think I was just leaving.
“Excuse me”, I muttered, abruptly getting up to go to to the restroom. It was empty, thank goodness, as I stood there staring at myself in the mirror. My eyes were shining bright as the tears threatened to spill.
“Fuck’s sake”, I muttered to myself. “Just go home y/n.”
I wish I had bought my bag with me now. So then I could leave. They wouldn’t even miss me. The tears started falling.
“Now why would you do that?” A voice made me jump. It was Jin.
I hastily wiped my face and hissed, “You’re in the girls room!” He smiled humourlessly. “Yes, I know.”
His eyes were dark with anger as he stepped up to me, making me face the mirror as he stood behind, his hands resting on my shoulders.
“You’re upset”, he stated. I frowned at him in the mirror. So much for stating the obvious.
“But why?”, he mused. I stayed quiet, staring at the two of us.
“Is it because I bought someone else with me? Huh? Is it because I’m being a jerk? Or it because you’d rather be fucking Namjoon?”
I recoiled at his words, trying to get out of his grasp, but he had me pinned to the spot.
Oh my god, he knows.
“Jin, what are yo-”
“Don’t play innocent with me! I read his god damn messages!”, he yelled, making me gasp. The hand that was on my right shoulder, slowly snaked round to play with my scarf.
Oh no. Please don’t. Please.
But Of course he ripped it off me. I shivered at the sudden cold air hitting my exposed neck. I heard him tutting, and I opened my eyes.
He was staring at my neck and chest, darkly. I didn’t think it was possible for him to look more angry but he managed it.
He let go of me to start pacing the room. A small woman walked in, and seeing Jin, she immediately turned around and left. She probably thought we were doing something obscene in here.
“So I send you home, thinking you were distraught and needed the day off”, he started, his voice laced with what could only be described as hatred.
“But you go and fuck the guy you told me you weren’t seeing?”
“I...N-no jin, that’s not how it was”, I whispered. I was unable to look at him , so still facing the mirror, I looked at the floor. He still had my scarf in his hands as he paced, watching me like I was his prey.
Yoona was going to get suspicious, but Jin didn’t seem to care.
“THEN HOW WAS IT?!” He roared. I placed my hands on my ears and shut my eyes tight as an attempt to block him out. He grabbed both hands and I yelped at the way he pulled them away.
“Answer me.” For the first time since I’d met him I was actually scared of him.
“He came round! He wouldn’t leave until I answered!”, I sobbed.
“Then you call me. Or even the god damn police. You do not let him in and sleep with him”, he spat, letting go of my hands and thrusting the scarf at me.
“I’m going back out. This isn’t over.”
As he started to walk away he called “Now you know how it feels to get fucked over”.
The door slammed shut, leaving me alone to figure out what the hell just happened.
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So confused 😂😂 I ship y/n and joonie but then I'm also low key shipping y/n and jin hahaha. ... why can't we just have both ? 😂😂
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I just started this series...and oh my goodness gracious, do you want to break my heart? 😂 Cause Jin sounds like a sweetheart and the second lead never gets the girl...and now they've even hurt each other 😂
Can u make this like you number one priority in life to finish this as soon as possible bc I think I will die if a new chapter isn't posted like every 20 seconds
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