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My best friend My Hope! My bestie! My life will be so much brighter😊
The member that secretly has a crush on me Aww a secret crush! Tae I had no idea you felt this way! It's ok though. *whispers* I like you too but don't let Jimin hear
The member that hates me💔 Waaahhhh!! 😭 Jiminie noooo! Please don't hate me!! Not my bias! I'll always love you!
The member that compliments me when I am insecure It would make sense for you to do this since you like me. Very sweet Tae 😊 but please stay in your lane.
The one who made me cry I'm probably crying because Tae is so sweet and is always there for me
My boyfriend Wait.... WHAT?? I thought you hated me?! I mean... I'm not complaining. I'm just happy you love me back. Sorry Tae
The member that walks me home everyday Now I feel bad for dating the guy that hates me even if he is my bias. Tae you are to good for me 😫
The member that send me good night texts every night Well you just came outta nowhere didn't you. Oh well I could see this cutie doin that
The member that ends up my husband for eternity Well...... I guess a had to get out of the tug-of-war with Jimin and Tae somehow. It's alright I guess. Yoongi will be there for me!
How many kids we will have Yes! The perfect number! A boy and a girl please! ❤️