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Counting the hours I toss I turn I float in a tiny, clouded flower vase trying to find some form of comfort the glass tomb ever growing tighter suffocates the tiny petals I long to bloom as other flowers bloom and stretch out in the moonlight I long to grow And share soft fragrances caressing, comforting lonely souls and wanderers My heartbeat grows slower as I drift around in the lukewarm water And cry my last tears My dry, yellow petals reach out for a last drop of rain that I will never hope to touch again Something knocks the vase off the little shelf And the shattering pieces of glass are lost forever as I too have found My final destination forever whispering silent whispers “Don't Pick Flowers“ I too wanted to bloom I too wanted to live I too wanted to die worthy of a flower's name A Rose A Daisy A name of My own Yet I shall never be called upon again