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What is my favorite Fairy Tail magic!?!? I had a tough time racking my brain for this one, I initially was going to go with either Gildarts Crash magic or Jellals Truly Heavenly Body magic but I ended deciding to go with Rufus' Memory Make magic!
Although I think his character Rufus is somewhat annoying, the magic he posseses is top tier! If used correctly and intelligently this could be one of the most powerful magic in the whole Fairy Tail universe! To be able to memorize magic by looking at it or simply by reading about it is pretty amazing! He should've been smarter about how to use it instead of having to big an ego to apply correctly! The possibilities are endless with this magic, it was just given to a snotty character I think.
I want time and space magic
@SAMURXAI sadly no, he doesnt. Turns into a cheerleader for the ones representing the guild in the games.
@SAMURXAI idk how far you are in the series but I just wish they did more with him and his magic. they had him do a little in the tenrou island arc bit I still would like to see more of what it could do!
@assasingod right? especially when he goes all dark Knight. he can fly and teleport, do just about anything, and he's got his sword which he can focus his enchantments through or enhance his skills with it, like the slay spell, just does that awesome rush and explosion with it. I bet one could probably do some mind fucks with it, and I even read it's capable of using different elemental spells too. just so versatile
@SAMURXAI dark ecriture has a lot of interesting properties, I like that you can do almost anything with it, love how he applies it to himself.
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