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So I have been seeing recently people once again hating on Ikon. This time because of four members doing a photo shoot for Dazed magazine. I personally loved the pictures because they aren't normal, but many others have started hating on all of ikon saying they are all ugly among other things.
Here are just a few pictures from Dazed. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and and I'm not saying you have to like the pictures, but they spent 8 hours for this photo shoot and so many people are saying Ikon is ugly.
All I see is 7 adorable dorks who try to make the best out of everything and are so hard working yet everyone jumps on the ikon hate bandwagon without even giving them a chance.
I usually ignore all the hate and everything but our boys worked really hard for that photo shoot just for people to dismiss them once again and I'm tired of people saying Bobby is ugly like have they seen him!!!
ohhh helllll no... Bobby!!! They call Bobby ugly!!??? *bitch mode on* The only person thays ugly is those who hate. You got nothing in you compare to these boys. They much more talented and better life than you!!! Talking shit. and no excuses on my french. Bullshit! But keep talking!! Cuz they will go harder. Talking crap like your amazing. ppshhhh.. *bitch mode off* Bobby your beautiful, nahhhh.. you ALLL AREEEE BEAUTIFUL💟
Are u kidding? They have the nerve to call these guys ugly. Whoever said this has no idea how funny, creative, and hardworking these guys are. They are living their dreams and are happy doing it. Who is ugly? Bobby? You might want to look in he mirror before saying that. He is amazing. So are the other members. Haters are so annoying 😡
okay for real I actually think iKon members are extremely good looking call me biased but I honestly don't see any ugly member in ikon and as for the photoshoot I'm actually relieved they aren't morphed into the flower boy look thingy, as hip hop artists l don't think all that flowery flamboyance will suit any of them,
who said their ugly COME AT ME WE'RE FIGHT!
my thoughts are THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT'S GOOD AND EHH MORE FOR US 😁👍❤❤😁💜💙😍😏😏
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