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Your Entertainment: Chapter 2

Word Count: 1,715 Enjoy reading!
Jeon Jungkook!? As in Jeon Jungkook from BTS!? This can't be real. This is unbelievable! I am meeting my bias and I didn't even have to pay for tickets or passes. Well aren't I lucky!? I kept rambling on in my head just staring in disbelief at him. He's way more handsome in person than on my phone screen. "It's n-n-nice to meet y-y-you." I bowed furiously, keeping my head down, trying to hide the blood rushing up to my cheeks. Way to go Hatai. You stupid fool! You stuttered in front of him! I reprimanded myself, putting a palm up to my face not so graciously, making a WHACK sound. I rubbed my forehead, murmuring endless curse words to nobody but myself. A sudden voice interrupted my thoughts, tugging on my left arm. "Hatai! There you are! I've been looking everywhere for you! Where's the kimchi!?" Anong looked to my hands, holding on tightly to both kimchis, sighing before tapping the back of my head. "What distracted you from getting back to me!? Huh!? Had me worried sick!" If only you looked to the man in front of me. I sighed, moving my eyes from her to Jungkook. How awkward... She looked at me, puzzled by what I meant to the boy next to her. Her eyes went from wide to a devious look. She looked at me to Jungkook, then back at me again, moving her eyebrows up and down. Oh great. Not this again. Jungkook looked at me confused as to who this random lady was. "Hello, I'm Tou Anong, Hatai's best friend. And you are?" Anong bowed with a beaming smile, turning to face me for a second, winking, then back to Jungkook. You already know who he is, bruh. He looked nervous suddenly, rubbing both his hands on his jeans, bowing back at a 90° angle. "My name is Jeon Jungkook. Its nice to meet you, Tou Anong." How cute. He looked extremely nervous. We should be going, we have food to buy and put it all away when we get home. I heard a couple of laughs come from the end of the isle. I tried to take a peek, tippy toeing over Jungkook's shoulder, although it wasn't really working. I sighed, putting down my efforts to look. Curse my height! I looked to Anong, knowing she could see exactly who it was, a big smile spread across her face and reached up to her eyes. Please don't tell me. It can't be... no... I kept thinking while the voices got closer.Suddenly a boy appeared by Jungkook's side, slinging his left arm over his shoulders. Good god. It's them. "Jungkookie! There you are! Jin hyung is looking for you!" He chuckled at the last part before looking at me and Anong. His hair was a light brown, parted on the right, his bangs on each side of his face. His eyes were squinty, but that made him even more handsome. His lips were parted into a smile, making his eyes smile more than they already were. He was wearing a forest green jacket over a plain white t-shirt, paired with black jeans and dark brown combat boots. Lord help me now! I prayed in my head while getting lost in his features. Suddenly a boy with bleach blonde hair with bangs that covered his forehead, and gorgeous dark brown eyes appeared, scaring me to death. His box smile was everybody's favourite feature on him. It held so much innocence. I held my heart for a second, taking a breather. Please tell me this isn't a dream. Please, please, please. I looked over to see Anong as red as a tomato. Now she knows how I feel. Her bias was standing in front of her, as well as both of mine. "And who are these gorgeous ladies? I'm Park Jimin and this is Kim Taehyung." What a flirt. They bowed, both on either side of Jungkook. By this point I knew that Anong and I were blushing like idiots. Anong smiled to both of them, introducing both of us. "I am Jung Anong, and this is my best friend Nari Hatai. Pleased to meet you." We both bowed at a 90° angle, and giggled at each other, before looking back towards the boys. They are so good looking. I was drooling inside my head, nervousness taking over my outer wall. Her and I both exchanged looks before saying our goodbyes to the boys, walking away with all of the food we needed to buy. I felt a sudden grip on my wrist, turning me around, making me bump into the person's chest. Ooh, he smells good. I felt blood rush up to my cheeks and btw this point I knew I looked like I got a terrible sunburn. I back away, apologizing to the man before me. Looking up I saw no other than Jimin. Wow. He's taller in person. And people call him short. "Park Jimin?" "Hi, I uh. Here is my number. If you ever want to meet up again, call me." His name was being called by his friends and I knew he had to go. He handed me a piece of paper before letting go of my wrist and running off to the other boys. I raised my right eyebrow, before opening up the piece of paper only to see a phone number written across it. How do people even write down their numbers so fast? Do they keep copies of it just in case or something? Like, what the hell? I giggled at myself, fangirling on the inside. I have to tell her about this right away. I went to turn around only to bump into an older man in about his 40's. He was wearing a black suit with a grey tie and brown dress shoes. He had perfect skin, but you could tell he was older by his posture and the way he held his head up high. I immediately apologized before running off to Anong, not wanting to cause any trouble. He looked oddly familiar. What is up with all these people!? Is everybody famous or something!? I stopped, landing right next to her side before walking with her outside, carrying most of groceries for her, not wanting her to do it since she bought all of it. While walking home, we laughed and told each other about what happened in the store before finally stopping outside our door, unlocking it and putting all of the food away. For dinner she was making a homemade korean dish of some sort while I went upstairs to unpack my bags. Should I call him? I wondered while pulling out my phone and putting the number in it. I paced around my room nervously while contemplating whether or not I should contact him. Text or call? 'll just call him. I sat my phone down on my bed before grabbing it back, dialing his number. After three rings a voice answered the phone. A voice that sounded so angelic, it made me self concious about my own. "Hello?" The voice said and right off the bat I could tell it was Jimin. He wasn't lying! "Uh, hello. Is this Park Jimin?" I asked, cautious about my word choice, remembering to speak formally for he was older than me by a couple years. "This is Nari Hatai. We met at the store?" I'm such a loser. "Oh, hey Hatai! Didn't think you would call! I can't talk right now, but how about we meet up tomorrow? Then we can talk more, and see each other as well. I'll be waiting at the Cafe down the street from the market we met at! It's a date!" He rushed with his words, making it so I couldn't say no. I mean, I wouldn't say no anyway. It was Park Jimin after all. Who could resist him!? Obviously not me. I put my phone down, slowly, before collapsing onto my bed, my face in one of the giant pillows and squealed. I'm going on a date with THE Park Jimin! This trip can't get any better. I smelt food and knew it was almost done cooking but before I could get out of bed my phone suddenly began to ring. Who could it be now? Looking at the screen, the caller ID read 'Unknown Number'. Might as well answer it. "Hello?" I answered without my voice shaking. "Hello, is this Nari Hatai?" An older male was obviously on the other end of the call. How did he know my name? Who is he? What does he want from me? I had all these thoughts running through my mind before finally answering. "Yes, this is her. And whom am I speaking to?" My voice clear and the tone steady. I would make a great radio host one day. I inwardly chuckled at myself before going back to the phone call, awaiting my desired answer. This better not be some prank, or else I swear. "Hello Hatai, this is the CEO of BigHit Entertainment and we would like to have a meeting with you sometime this week. We feel as if you and your friend, Jung Anong, will have a great time working here, along with some of our trainees and BTS. If you would like to meet up for an interview, let us know when and we could set up the appointment. Have a great day! Goodbye!" And with that, the call ended. No way. There is no way that just happened. I put my phone on the dresser next to my bed with a big smile on my face. I can't wait to tell Anong. She is going to freak. But before I do so, I have to eat. This tummy isn't gonna feed itself. My stomach rumbled and before I knew it I was at the dinner table being served food that smelled amazing. I guess I have a busy day tomorrow and sometime this week. I smiled at Anong, thanking her, and digging into my food without saying a word, thinking of how to tell her. Subtle or blunt? "We have a meeting with BigHit Entertainment this week." Blunt it was.
I hope you guys enjoyed! It took me a while to write this one
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