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Yes! Jay Park is back in da house <3<3<3 -- Jay Park hinted that there's 'big news' to come on his Twitter and it seems we now get to find out what he was referring to since an album image for his upcoming digital single album 'I Like 2 Party' has been revealed! The digital single album titled 'I Like 2 Party' consists of 4 tracks including the title track, "I Like 2 Party", as well as "HOT", "Secret", and "Let's Get Back Together". Most of the songs were written and/or composed by Jay Park himself, and the title track, if you remember, has been picked up as the ending theme song for Will and Jaden Smith's film, 'After Earth's airing in Korea. The digital album will be released on July 10th. http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/07/jay-park-gears-up-for-new-release-with-jacket-and-tracklist-for-digital-single-album-i-like-2-party
woaaa this is good news!! i didn't know!
@chasinghapiness joah was GOOD. Actually, anything my Jay is amazing!
I love Joah so much that I must listen to it at least once a day. From the names of the songs, I think I'm gonna like 'Let's Get Back Together' the most xD let's see