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Dara revealed that CL isn't 2NE1's leader just for show. On the July 2 episode of 'Incarnation', Dara said, "Wherever 2NE1 went, all kinds of things happened. Two years ago in Japan, I was by myself when the scale-9 Tōhoku earthquake hit. I was on the 34th floor of a building. I was so scared. Usually, I just bear with it, but I was so scared that I crawled outside to ask for help. But no one was there." CL who was nearby when the earthquake occurred, added, "You could see the building walls cracking. The windows all shook, and the landline phones went dead." Dara continued, "I called [on my cellphone], and CL picked up. I was in a panic, but she told me calmly to stay where I was, because she's gonna come to get me. She really came to save me. The building was shaking, and we went down the 34 flights of stairs together." CL explained, "I felt like even if we were to die, it'd be better to die together, so I went to look for her." http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/07/dara-reveals-that-cl-came-to-save-her-during-the-scale-9-japanese-earthquake Dara must have been so scared :(((( I'm so proud of ma girls to stick together till the end. CL is the best leader ever!
it really fits CL to be such a hero <3 She is a hero in music already and now in her personal life too! I am so happy for her <3
@WiviDemol she's the best female leader imo @chasinghapiness it is so like CL to go back it didn't surprise me at all!
Brave girl! I feel so glad knowing she went back for her member :)
she's a true leader