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Hello everyone! It's Saturday so that means its LEO DAY!! My favorite day:) I decided today we will be appreciating Jung in a button-up shirt. Button-ups on men are my weakness and Jung in a button-up makes that weakness A BILLION TIMES WORSE I SWEAR So lets look at this breathtaking man
So beautiful Jung, I love these shirts on you
He looks like such an angel someone hold me.. My heart
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@AlmaRangel You HAVE to see this! You'll really enjoy it.
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@kelseyblair .....no words can explain the beauty that is Jung Taekwoon. 😍😭😚
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Oh.. Polka Dot shirt... so cute😍😍😍😍
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He is so cute! Favorite picture: Box 1, #10...my knees buckled for a sec🦁
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