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Ghost's lips touches mine. Cold but warm. Our lips then began to play together. I feel a heat coming inside from me, but at the same time it feels good. Then Ghost puts his arm around my waist and pulls me into him. A breath escaped from me when i crashed into his chest. My hands go on his chest. I feel him, even though he has clothes on. I can feel how firm his chest is. "You like?" I look up at himand smile as an answer to his question. Then he lifts me up and my legs go around his waist. I giggle as he began to walk to the bedroom. He lays me down on the bed and he lays beside me. "JT?" "Yes?" "Do you have any idea how long ive been waiting to see you again. To actually keep you!" "Im here now. Its what matters now!" I brush his hair back with my fingers. So soft and so white. Then his eyes went black to blue eyes. "Come here" Ghost grabs me and pulls me on top of him. My lips go to his lips. His arms around me. Then i feel his fingers grabbing my shirt, he began to pull it up. As he took off my shirt, he quickly unsnapped my bra. I stopped the kiss and lift myself up in a sittimg position on top of him. He looks at me and gives a smirk. Then he grabs my boobs. "What a perfect fit. I can just grab and hold them tight" He squeezes them and moved them around. My head went back as he kept with the movements. Then he began to lick them. I can feel my nipples going harder by the second. I start to moan a little. I feel like im going to a different world. This feels to good. Then he flips me. I ended up on the bed and him on top. Then his lips began to kiss my neck, then slowly down to my collarbone. The chills are starting to climb. Then his lips touched my sudes to my stomach, then towards to my bellybutton. I grabbed his arm firmly! Then he pulls my pants down. He grabs my hand and puts them over my head. Then with his other hand, he slowly let his finger tips touch my thighs. He slowly goes up and down. Goosebumps are all over my body, chills are killing me. Im shaking from every sensation, im moaning a little harder. "Open your eyes JT" I open my eyes and he is looking at me.His eyes bright and blue into me. "Dont close them, look at me. I want to see you" This man is killing me. I look at him. Then i feel his hand going inside my panty. Then his index finger began to rub my clit. As he is rubbing slowly, he looks at me. I kept lookimg at him, but its too hard. He began to rub it faster and faster. My eyes want to close, im moaning louder, and my breathing is hard. He wouldnt stop. He kept going and going. I couldnt no more. I close my eyes and my head went back. My hips began to move into his movements, as my body shakes. He stops. Im breathing heavy, but i want more. Then he lets go of my hands, and quickly rips my panty off. He opens my legs and i feel his finger inside me. The sensation, overdrive me. I couldnt keep still. He wouldnt stop. I felt like going crazy, but i dont want it to end. I grabbed the blanket and hold it tight. I feel fire inside. Then he slows down. As i catch my breath, i felt like i need to take control. My turn.
Ghost She looks at me. Her red eye in fire and her blue eye bright. She is breathing heavy. Then she smiles and grabs me. her lips crashed into mines. This woman just kills me. Then she rips my shirt apart. "Ghost....your gorgeous." I smile at her. Then she kises me passionately. As she kisses me, her hands began to unbuckle my belt and unzip my pants. Then she slowly began to kiss my neck then down to my hips. Then she began to messages my dick. I still have my boxers and im dying to feel her hand around it. It grew and grew, i feel too hard. I need her to touch me. She then pulls my boxers off and she began to rub it slowly. My muscle's slowly began to stiff. Then i felt her wet tongue slowly going all around. Every lick gives me chill. If she keeps up like this, i wont be able to hold it in. I stop her and then i bring her towards me. Then i lay her on the bed. I open her legs and then i lay on top of her. I began to lick her nipples, as i slowly enter inside of her. She moans as i enter deeper and deeper. She looks at me once i am fully inside. Her red eye began to burn me. She is just full off pleasure.
He began to slowly thrust. My arms goes around his neck. I hold him tight. Then he began to kiss my neck as he thurst. I feel like my whole body is going on fire. Everything feels so good. He is just perfect. Then he began to go faster. I feel breathless. He quickly open my legs wider. I feel him deeper inside me. I grabbed his arm and squeeze him tight as he thrust faster. My mind goes aroumd as my heart thumps faster. Sweats began to brake. . . I feel lost in pleasure. This man is just taking me into a different dimension. Then he flips me and lifts my ass up. Then he enters but not slowly. He goes in fast, which got me by the surprise. I moan hard. Then he grabs my arm and pull me back. He hugs me and begam to thrust. His kisses my neck and my head goes back and rest it on his shoulder. His hands began to touch my stomach and then to my chest. Then he push me down to the bed and grab my hips. He began to thrust so hard. He is hitting way to deep inside me. I began to moan louder. I feel dizzy, but at the same time i feel like losing control. He puts my head down and my ass more up. He is getting to every angle and making me go off. His fingers digging deep into my hips, holding me hard and still. Then he began to move faster and harder. I hold in to the pillow in front of me. My body is burning up and my breath is almost out. He began to moan a little. I can feel his muscles tightened. Then in quick couple of thursts he fill me inside. My body dropped to the bed and him on top of me. We both start to catch our breaths and cool down our body amd relax our hearts. I've never felt this good.
Ghost I grabbed her and carry her to the bathroom. I turn on the showers and let the hot water run. I grabb her hand and let her inside as i follow her in. She goes under the water and let the water hit her face. She breathes in deep and let it out. Then she looks at me. Her eyes are brown. "Your beautiful JT" She blushes and put her head down. I walk towards her and go hold her chin and lift it up. "Im serious. Your the most beautiful of our kind and into my eyes. I cant not have a moment of not looking at your beautiful face. Promise to be by my side, and to never let go?" "I promise babe" I smile big as she calls me babe. How i love that word, especially from her mouth. We both wash up. And we got changed. As we went towards the porch. We began to go hunting. As we got to the middle of the forest. JT stops. "What's wrong?" "Shh" JT began to slowly walk ahead. Then i heard the noise. It was ahead of us. I saw a red eye. We began to slowly walk forward. "Dont come closer" That voice..... its Melissa!
A passionate night A lovely moment Melissa? PREVIEW TO KOREA AN ILLUSION FOUND DICOVERED A HALFA HISTORY The squad @Helixx @lovetop @KwonOfAKind @JiyongLeo @catchyacrayon @BBxGD BBxGD Tag List @Jiyongixoxo @SabrinaSakura @amberg171997 @BrittanyBell @VeronicaArtino @UnnieCakesAli @AmberRelynn @lilbr0wneyes @btsgotshinee @dayashley11 @JuanitaBooRiv @Maddie27 @MadAndrea @MzDawson31508 @AkashBhojraj @ClaudiaCastro @CarenBoyKins @felicityautum @BekiKunstman @OliviaEdwards @DeniseiaGardner @SamariaAllen @NickySerban @SaraHanna @jessicaacosta90 @amullins2007 @karinamiranda81 @JohannaTlatench @MissT615 @KarenGuerra93 @Kira9404 @KaylaStokes @JayDay @JennyKool @xroyalreisx @lovelyashley91 @laylabehnia @KpopQueenaBee @summerblack2 @SugaMint @tiffany1922 @ParkHwaYoung @TaliaMay14 @Kieuseru @anarose @Shellyfuentes70 @krystalrikpop @JessicaVang @RebeccaLondon @resavalencia @KDSnKJH @ErenYaeger1 @RedChord @MaritessSison @lopleaf19 @SarahIvester @CreeTheOtaku @destiny1419 @DominiqueThomas @kpopandkimchi @ToppDogg @Lizzeh @StefaniTre @Stefany17 @Badtz @AbbyRamey @TaehyungV @twistedpuppy @nekoheart @SugaOnTop @amobigbang @marisamusic @CallMeMsDragon @TeaeraHarrell @DekaraMiller @ladygdragon @JackieG1617 @thatkdramalover @AristaJ  @B1A4BTS5ever @GDsGF @palaguachie21 @saraortiz2002 @ZitaMahoney @Adetoro @SarahVanDorn @ItatiSanchez @loftonc16 @DominiqueThomas @megancurrent9 @KarolinaTrevino @camrynchemy @DeniseiaGardner @Defy24601 @MyalsNotSexy @nightshade18 @NasihaOcasio @brirodriguez412 @Ticasensei @ArielaPicazo @thePinkPrincess @Kpossible4250 @SamariaAllen  @BrandyJones @QueenLele @BekiKunstman @VIPforever123 @JasmineWilliams @CarenBoyKins @3SecondsOfHope @woahdersierra @SaiT @Ercurrent @thePinkPrincess @drummergirl691 @MorleeCorielus @NickySerban @MarrickeJ33 @katyng52 @Kpopmom@JadeOwens @obiterdictum @kpopbunny9 @VatcheeAfandi99 @MsLoyalHeart @JinsPrincess86 @maatiCasanova @amullins2007 @BTS282236 @Craze4Haylu @jjrockstar @maddiedo @obiterdictum @ravenblackwell @aliahwhbmida @MomoChamie @narutobandgeek @justcallmekyki @cthulu @ZwankimaWalker @hmelodie @Lilith24 @SydneyLstrange @MelissaGarza @bettytolliver @SandaraGrimaldo @mellyortiz @Lizzeh @ChavaBerry @SindyHernandez @NicoleJolly @SusiBosshammer @AdiaJasinski @alecram27 @JessicaEvaristo @LaurenDimalanta @YunBao @reyestiny93 @LizaNightshade @screamoparadise @CrystalGuerra @KoreanDramaMaMa @ShellyVargas @harukachihan @bubblekookie @falme2 @Jinnyrod3 @zzzdonk @KristinaCaron @kaylie1597 @jemitza @Annaharris1989  @delnygro @mexicanchika45 @TerraToyaSi @QueenLele  @dancingdazzler @DenieceSuit @Starbell808 @jjrockstar @baileykayleen  @celeste2655 @JustinaNguyen @Princess2328 @jupiterchan @jespinosa1546  @AimeeH @NatashaRoot @KaylaStokes  @Craze4Halyu @sarahdarwish @jessicaacosta90 @RebeccaLondon @RaquelArredondo @HawaouDiallo  @VeronicaOrtiz @JadeOwens @JennyKool @GamerKyumin @sukkyongwanser @SamanthaRae19 @AlyssaGelet818 @petname83 @summerblack2 @Swhitta  @LenaBlackRose @SatinSkies @kandle779 @Rebecca22 @BekiKunstman @edwey66 @MeghanJorgina @vlargo  @SHINee808 @KhrystinaLee @LaurenDimalanta @Ligaya @CrystalAlamillo @FruityPoptart @punkpandabear @LinnyOk @JamiMilsap @JasminMartinez @AlexAckerman @michellefuentes @PamelaPenaloza @desesoray @CheyanneLindsey @achlyschaos143 @ZwankimaWalker @MissT615 @KaoriHikaru5 @Bubblebella @LateashaChantae @bettytolliver @raenel @MikaLewis @BrianaSmalls @YunBao @megancurrent9 @AraceliJimenez @YviLole15  @MelissaGarza @edwey66  @nmeza29 @hmelodie @LeighHolgate @BluBear07 @TesneemElAlami @elizabeth1234 @angelicpsyche @Lizanightshade @LinnyOk @karinamiranda81 @MorleeCorielus @emilygardner @pharmgirlerin @PatriciaS   @jennimolina976  @Chocolat09  @sherrysahar  @MaritsaGil  @Otakunidog  @ashxloren  @taylorthetwist  @toitlepark  @LysetteMartinez @ViStorm  @JustBrittany @ManiGray  @LysetteMartinez  @Chrissy2009  @AyePena @JackieMurrayCab @LindaHart @YumiMiranda  @GDkpoplover @EmilyGardner @thedopeshow1994 @PatimaCorona  @BelencitaGarcia @krin @P1B2Bear @Ligaya @LizaNightshade @mirandazamira @MaritsaGil @winxclusive @CrookedShadow @LinnyOk @tiffany1922  @amandamuska @cardboardart @Anna5221 @kchavens09 @EliseB @dallasyamane @BangsterLife @KristinaCaron @ShinoYuki @WendyNegrete @resavalencia @MichelleRosa @CCHI0692 @MonkeyLee08 @KristinaCaron @CheyenneJessee @yaya12 @serbshavemofun @BrennaHarding @Izab3lla @faith92 @Sammie99522 @Spark2015 @ashxloren @nakebakonado @MeghanJorgina @SatinSkies @Kandle779 @Kinnlyr @MaritessSison @kpopaddict1988 @kolai4 @sukkyongwanser @shellyfuentes70 @Starbell808 @JinsPrincess86 @goinnutz22 @Izzy987 @leab259 @RKA916 @CrookedShadow @KeKers96
Lawdddddd BB SLAY me... Im So dead.. Can I please have a ghost of my own!!
@BBxGD we are going to have to talk this is just too much I'm trying to stay faithful to Jackson but you making it hard. Me and top already had our cake and we ate it too. But I can't do that again but you making it so had. **LOOKING AT JACKSON PICS!!!!!!!!! AND CALM DOWN,**
............↜I m dead..."you like?"....I m #$$##$$%^%$#%%% love it!!!!😱😱😱😱...I m glad TOP enjoyed the "elegant" size boob..... and My Sofia... can I keep her... I really do love her too.
ur killing me lol love this story
yesss vampire sex love it but idk what's about to happen when ghost and jt find out that melissa is a red eye.
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