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Se7en is under fire yet again for his choice of clothing. Apparently, Se7en didn't quite learn the lesson after the controversial 'On-Site 21' broadcast, because he showed up for his on-site inspection held at the infamous massage parlor wearing plain civilian clothing. He was caught by cameras from Y-Star's 'Live Star News'. The on-site inspection took about an hour starting from 5PM, and his plain clothing stirred a problem. The Ministry of Defense said, "It's all right if he wore the same exact clothes as he did on the day of the incident, but there'll be a problem because they weren't the same clothes." They added, "It's also very rare that a regular soldier wears plain clothing during an on-site inspection." Se7en under fire for wearing plain civilian clothing during his inspection at massage parlor
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Oh dear... this is such a thoughtless action on his part....