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I could see this. We're both very goofy so I think we'd get along well 🤗
Aww don't be so secretive your my bias!
That's no fun. I guess because I stole his best friend. Sorry Kookie can't we just let bygones be bygones?
This must be why I call you my best friend! In reality I don't have one because I don't comprehend the differences between friendship and acquaintanceship. So, if you can tell I'm insecure when no one else can, (I don't let people know when I feel insecure, they might attack me) I'd say that makes you a best friend!
This is truly amazing. I'm not good at crying. Even when I'm really sad, I just can't. Maybe he delivered really bad news to me that someone in my family died. I can't think of anything else that could make me cry. But that's okay Kookie, I don't hold grudges the bygone offer still stands.
Ahh I love Suga! We would be great together because we'd both just laze around all the time.
Awe Jimin you so sweet.
We probably stay up super late texting to begin with.
Of course. This only makes sense. Best friend, husband, what's the difference?
Sounds great to me. Not too many not too few! But can one be adopted? Please Tae? *insert best aegyo*